Wednesday, April 1, 2020

The Chaos Diaries - 4/1/20

Today is the end of Week 1 with The Night Owl living with us again.  It's an adjustment for us all.  And I still have to keep reminding myself that while she is my child, she is not a child. 

Last night was not a good night.  I haven't been sleeping well.  I thought once I got past the chaos of last week, the stress levels would go down.  :shrug:  I've been trying to walk or get outside and get some exercise every day.  Owl and I took a walk after dinner that ended up being longer than I'd planned because we were chatting and the next thing I knew we'd gone farther than I wanted to, which meant we had to walk back from there.  That alone should've knocked me right out.  Nope.  No matter how tired the body is, the brain won't shut up.

I started likening it to a hamster running on its wheel.  Lately, the hamster's whole family has taken up residence in my head.  A dozen wheels and when I get one to stop running another starts up again.   According to Mom, I come by this honestly - Dad was the same way. 

Every day, our elderly neighbors get in their car and go somewhere.  I don't know about her, but he's had some major health problems over the years.  One would think they'd be more cautious.  If anyone around here is going to get it, it's going to be them.  They're the canary in our coal mine.  Of course, right now, there's only one case in our county and one in the county next door, so maybe he's not taking as big of a risk as we think he is.  Time will tell.  I really hope they don't get it.

Hubs talked with his mom and his brothers.  So far, they're all well.  I talk to my mom almost every day, and she talks to everyone else in the family, so I know they're all good.  My oldest sister is head of maintenance and housekeeping for a large hospital and she's running ragged right now.  Ten hour days, seven days a week.  Mom's sister is trapped in an assisted living facility that is shut down to outside visitors.  The only people she sees now are the ones who deliver her food and I don't imagine they're staying to chat.  She's used to her daughter coming by often but that's screwed up now.  So, she opens her apartment door and the woman across the hall opens hers and they chat across the divide when they can. 

Okay, I guess it's time to start my day.  I'm not sure if I'll do these diary things daily or not.  I'd like to find something else to talk about, but the hamsters are single-minded right now.

What's up with you?


  1. Your elderly neighbors could be just going for a ride. I have friends who do that. They don't get out of the car.

    I think it's common for people to have the hamster syndrome now. I had it back in February trying to figure out if I missed anything. Turned out I missed ordering seeds early enough.

    Things have normalized for me now. Hope it will for you too soon.

    1. It's possible, but I can't imagine him just driving around. He's a social animal. Her? Maybe. I don't know her very well.

      Ack. I hope your seeds arrive in time for premium planting.

      Thanks, Maria. There's always hope. It's harder to see some days than others, but it's there.

  2. I like to read your thoughts. They often--though not always--mirror my own. My hamster has devolved into weird dreams. It's been ages since I've had dreams I can remember, not that I remember the current ones clearly--just a "Wow, that was bizarre" upon waking and then they fade away.

    We don't get out much--just to grab the basics and occasional take-out to help our two fave neighborhood restaurants. Both are struggling and we do what we can. I did get out yesterday to get my DL renewed. The pictures look just the same. Good to know I haven't changed much in 4 years. LG's bro was there (the tag agency is one of his tenants/client--he's in commercial real estate management) and we stood in the sun, six feet apart and visited for about 20 mintes. It was nice. The sun and the visit.

    We're "breaking protocol" today to go get Stormy. The kids have been self-isolated for 10 days, as has Stormy, and so have we. They need a break. We'll do lunch then the afternoon to play before they come pick him up before dinner time.

    Glad you and the Night Owl are learning to be friends as well as mom/daughter. I'm fortunate that Only and I managed that a few years ago.

    Okay, time to wake up Lawyer Guy. Once he retires, I'm gonna have to figure out a new moniker for him. Stay safe. Stay healthy. We're all gonna get through this!

  3. My hermit blood is happy, but the shut-down is driving Mom nuts. She is planning on ordering food online, thank goodness, but she doesn't have internet, so I get to do it for her.

    I HATE ordering stuff online. It creeps out my hermit-blood. Way too much human interaction. ;-)