Sunday, April 12, 2020

Sunday Update- Week 14

The days and weeks are blurring together worse than usual lately.  I know today is Sunday because it's Easter. 

Happy Easter, by the way.  We're having ham and I made a cake yesterday.  Other than that, just another day on self-imposed lockdown.  The real thing about today is it's the first Easter we've spent with Owl since 2012.  And I don't even know where the Easter basket is and we don't have anything to put in it even if I knew where it was.  I usually send her a gift basket or something, but this year, since she's here and it's chaos, we got nothin'.  But she's 26, so I think she'll get over it.

Still no writing or editing.  Maybe today.  I spent a lot of time thinking about it when I should've been falling asleep last night.  We'll see.  No marketing or sales either.

I only finished one book last week before the Reading Wrap-up.  Then I finished another one yesterday.  I DNF'd one yesterday, too.  Those'll be on Saturday's post.

In baking news, I made a cake yesterday.  Since I was out of baker's cocoa, I made a vanilla oil cake with franken-frosting.  The cake is okay, but it needs more flavor.  The frosting is really good.  I melted some chocolate chips and butter in the microwave, added the last of the powdered sugar and some milk.  Beat it until it was smooth, then added a heaping dollop of peanut butter, beat it smooth again, and frosted the cake.  I also did a batch of crisis cookies (cake cookies) with yellow cake mix and chocolate chips.  I have to do granola bars and oatmeal cookies this week because we're almost out of both.

As I said, today, I'll be making a ham.  I buy the bone-in kind, cover it with pineapple slices and brown sugar and throw it in the oven for like 20 min per pound.  It's like a 11 pound ham, so about 3.75 hours at 325F, or something.  I'll have to look at the packaging to figure it all out later.

Not a lot on the activity front.  I screwed up my hip washing the kitchen floor on Tuesday, which harshed doing anything else.  As for weight, I gained back two of the pounds I lost due to stress, so I'm now at 174.2.  Still down about 8 pounds for the year.

I did go fishing twice this past week.  One undersized bass caught each time.  The first time, I took Owl with me.  She'd never seen anyone catch a bass, so it was exciting for her.  She wants to go back.  Yay.  Unfortunately for her, she's a night owl and fish a lot in the mornings.  Yesterday, I went out and was home before she woke up.  Ah, yesterday...

It was an interesting experience, so I'm glad she wasn't there.  A LOT of people were fishing yesterday - lucky for me in their boats, so not near me.  The parking lot wasn't too bad when I got there, so I parked in my usual spot.  Shortly thereafter, some numbnuts started to block me in with his big ass pickup and trailer, so I jumped up and moved my car.  As I was walking back to my fishing spot, I noticed another guy standing at the edge of the parking lot, apparently gazing off into the river.  Nope, he was pissing, which I realized when he turned toward me zipping his pants back up.  Then he told his woman to go piss behind the truck that had almost blocked me in.  I bet the people in the mansion across the river from where he was peeing got a eyefull.  Oh, living in the Ozarks, where there's always a place to pee even when there isn't.  People are gross.

I fished for about an hour before a thunderstorm rolled in.  The thing about fishing from the bank is that I can easily avoid storms by walking to my car and going home.  All those people in boats?  So screwed. 

When I got home, I discovered why there were so many people fishing yesterday.  The crappie are plentiful in the river right now - with some people catching 40-50 a day.  :shrug:  This is one of the bad things about fishing from the bank.  If the crappie aren't near the bank, I don't catch them.

Anyway, that's my week.  What went on in your week?


  1. Wow! What's the catch limit on crappie? (And that's pronounced CROP-py for non-fisherfolk.

    Stupid people. Darwin's Law needs to kick in. Just sayin'... And all the non-residents need to go the frick home, ammaright?

    Don't know why I'm in a grouse-mood today but I seem to be and you have a lot to grouse about--or at least add commisseration grousing.

    Tiny bit of writing, hardly any editing. No further comment.

    Rain. We need it but the freeze for the next few days? Nope.

    Other than that, we're good! Gonna run by the kids to drop off some Easter stuff for Stormy and b-day stuff for Baseball Boy. Not sleeping well the past couple of nights so I'm thinking nap when we get back, which means the probability of accomplishing much today is zilch.

    Life is and it damn sure beats the alternative, even with the grousing. Hang in there. Enjoy your ham. We got this!

  2. It's a bit scary to read the Owl is 26. I think I've followed you for 15 years now!

    Today I made homemade broccoli-cheese soup for the first time. It was... edible. Don't think I'll try it again.

    Ick to the noodles peeing in or near the river.

    I'm looking forward to the cold front moving in -- maybe it will kill off a few bugs!

    I only got 7 illustrations done this week. Gotta get my rear in gear!