Friday, April 17, 2020

The Chaos Diaries - 4/17/20

I'm not sure how much longer I'll be doing these posts.  I guess as long as the chaos remains, there'll be something to talk about. 

Have you heard about the video Pelosi put out where she's talking about us being in this together eating ice cream (or some such nonsense) while she stands in front of her $20,000 SubZero fridge filled with gourmet ice cream?  Sorry, lady, the Dollar General here is out of ice cream and my Kenmore floor model fridge's freezer is full of meat, cheese, and bread I had to buy to stay out of the stores due to the chaos. 

Down to my last half-bowl of cheap-ass Great Value super-tub vanilla, btw.  The last of the GV orange sherbet went to the Owl yesterday.  No ice cream for us po' folks for a while, I guess.  I did manage to buy a box of those freezer ice thingies.  Oh, yum*.  I went all fancy and bought the Italian Ice kind, which should keep the Owl happy.  They were a dollar.

I had a real hankering for a chocolate chip cookie yesterday and went to get one.  But they were gone.  I muttered to myself  'someone ate the last cookie and didn't bother to tell me' at which point an abashed Hubs poked his head into the kitchen and admitted he was the culprit.  I don't care if he ate the last cookie.  I like making cookies for him to eat.  It was the not telling me part because if they tell me, I can make more.  I almost made more cookies last night, the need was so great, but they wouldn't have cooled in time for me to put them away before I went to bed, so nope.  I'll get to that later today.  Along with a batch of oatmeal cookies, because those are gone, too. 

Three people on a menu typically meant for two isn't an easy thing.  Everything goes quicker.  Usually, I eat leftovers for lunch.  No leftovers.  Good thing I like soup.

Yesterday morning, I went fishing by myself.  Just me and the lake.  It was necessary.  I didn't catch anything, but I did get some time in reacquainting myself with the baitcaster reel, so when I take Owl out again, I can teach her the spincaster I usually use.  Oh, and I also had 4 ospreys keeping me company.  I even got to see one dive for its prey.  (It missed, but still cool.)  I'm such a bird nerd.  =o)

The parking lot at the lake wasn't quite as full this time.  Still, more than on a typical Thursday morning.  I guess there are worse ways to spend your 'forced not to work' days.  As long as they all get in their boats and stay away from me, it's fine.

Well, I suppose I ought to get my butt in gear and start making cookies.

What are you up to in these chaotic times?

* Note sarcasm.  I want ICE CREAM, not frozen, flavored water.


  1. I haven't run out of anything vital. My problem is finding decent meals to make that are low in sugar. Hubby is a diabetic. That means no pasta, no pancakes, no desserts unless they're sugar free. BTW sugar free desserts are so bad I gladly go without. He doesn't seem to mind the taste though.

    We've eaten well, but I miss pasta and pancakes. Although he keeps telling me it doesn't bother him if I eat this stuff, I am far too lazy to make two different meals, 3x a day.

  2. I won't even mention her name. And they accuse the other side of playing politics? Talk about being tone deaf.... Grrrr.

    Ospreys are cool! We get excited when we see a hawk make a strike or flies over us carrying its prey. REALLY cool when it's a snake!

    Still having weird dreams. I mean, like pigs with parasols chasing my dogs. No wonder I'm tired all the time!

    How can another week be gone? Time is so warped right now.

    I sort of feel bad when I mention that the quarantine isn't all that different from my regular life, but for no Starbucks runs, a lack of some things in the store, and being able to walk into a restaurant, sit down and order--not that we do that much anyway. Which is sort of my point. We stay home. A lot. Well, LG occasionally went into his office but I think that was more from habit and the idea that he should go to the office every day.

    I slept in today. Headache. Still have it. I'll likely head back to bed if the next cup of coffee doesn't ease it. It's cold and drizzly and not April-like at all. Good day to be lazy and catch up on the DVR.

    Have a good weekend. Stay warm. Go fishing. Make cookies. We got this! 🥰