Saturday, April 11, 2020

Saturday Reading Wrap-up - 4/11/20

Well, it wasn't a good week for reading here.  I just wasn't in the mood to read, so the Flynn took me longer than it usually does.

I did pick up a bunch of new ebooks, though - two mysteries, a paranormal, an urban fantasy, a romance, and a SF suspense.  Still no new hardcopies - the thrift stores are closed and the budget doesn't allow for new paperbacks (except for new releases by friends, and there haven't been any lately.)

Books read:

33) Memorial Day by Vince Flynn (4/10/20) - Political Thriller.  5 stars. Picked this up at a thrift store somewhere along the way.
It's Vince Flynn... nuff said.  No review.

I read the same book all week, so no chance to DNF anything.

Currently reading... I started a little paranormal something - a third of the way in and I'm still not sure what.  It's fun so far and right now, that's all that counts.

What books have kept you occupied lately?

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  1. I managed 3 books this week, all audio, and all from the library. I paused my re-listen of the In Death books when my library holds dropped.

    67. Druid Vices and a Vodka (The Guild Codes: Spellbound #6) Annette Marie, Urban Fantasy, 4 stars - I've enjoyed this series but the last book and this book left a glaring thread open and I'll give the series one more try before I move on. I did discover that this author has a spin-off/concurrent series set in the same world. It's on my radar now.

    68. The Last Wish (Witcher #0.5) Andrzej Sapkowski, Fantasy, 5 stars - This series is an international best seller (translated for US readers) and is now a series on Netflix. The TV series (I haven't watched it because the only smart TV is in the family room which is LG's cave and watching on computer is a big, fat NOPE!) intrigued me enough to give this "intro" a try. The book is a long series of vignettes that introduces characters and events, the world and the politics, and sets up the events in the series. I'm curious enough now that I'll likely give the series a try eventually. Not sure I'll do more of the books but the narrator kept me engaged and the characters/world is fascinating. I'd recommend it to any fan of high fantasy that's a bit on the dark side.

    69. Smoke Bitten (Mercy Thompson #12), Patricia Briggs, UF/Paranormal romance, 4.5 stars - This is a favorite series though it sometimes is uneven. This is a good one with a lot of action and some real angst between Mercy (a coyote shifter - as in she's a daughter of Coyote) and her mate, Adam, a werewolf. This was also from the library, mainly because the budget doesn't allow buying. Eventually, the audio book will go into my personal library.

    I'm currently reading LOYALTY IN DEATH and will finish today. I'm not the brightest, given the time of year (date) and the book's subject matter (homegrown terrorist bombings) but I'm almost done. I'll probably pick up something lighter to cleanse my palate, as they say. Shelly Laurenston has a new paranormal romance out. She writes good comedy but with excellent action and romance too. Plus, honeybadgers. The current spin-off deals with 3 siblings and the book that just released is the 3rd. I'll re-listen to the first two to remind me of characters and previous events, the roll over into the lastest. I do love a good binge listen. 🤣

    Stay home and read a good book! (Also, I found a t-shirt I want to get for us: I've been social distancing since before it was cool. 😷