Wednesday, April 8, 2020

The Chaos Diaries - 4/8/20

In this time of being trapped in the house, people are trying to find things to do.  True, my being trapped isn't like other people - because I'm not usually going anywhere anyway - but being told to stay home is different from choosing to stay home.

Anyway, yesterday, I got a wild hair* and decided to wash the kitchen floor while Hubs was mowing the lawn (his own particular wild hair).  Now I usually wash the kitchen floor with Clorox wipes.  Since those are in short supply, I went to the old fashioned way - a bucket of sudsy water and a wash rag.  (I don't own a mop.)  No biggie.  So, there I was down on the floor washing it by hand when the stove - which I have had and washed around for 7 years - bit me.  Somewhere under the bottom edge there was a sharp spot and I found it.  I yelped - loud enough to draw the Owl out from her tree hole to ascertain my okayness - and the blood started to well.  I washed it off, slapped a bandaid on it, and went back to work - using the non-booboo hand to do all the bucket work.  I got it done.

Then I went to get up off the floor and my hip had seized.  I've been hobbling around ever since.  (Yes, after I got the floor done, I rewashed my cut, liberally applied some antibiotic cream, and re-bandaged it.)  Thus, I might not be going to Wallyworld today.  It's not too bad right now, but I'm hopped up on Aleve.  (I took two.  I usually only take one.)  At least last night, my no sleep was due to something other than the chaos.

The Kung Flu** isn't going to kill me, but the other stuff just might. 

I read this morning that here in MO, while the number of cars on the road is way down, accidents and fatalities are up.  People are more distracted than ever out there, folks.  And they seem to take the empty roads as cart blanche to drive like idiots.  (More so than usual.)  Don't survive this only to get killed in a car accident.  K?

Anyway, this morning's bright and early Wallyworld trip didn't happen.  I can't imagine walking around the store with a gimpy hip.  We'll see how I feel in a while.  Maybe after it's time to take another Aleve. 

In other news, I made crisis cookies (cake cookies).  Chocolate chip ones.  Yum.

How are things in your world?  All is well here and I'm in better spirits than I have been, so that's a yay.

*If you're not familiar with the phrase, a wild hair is something that niggles and tickles and generally makes itself annoying until you deal with it.

** If you don't like the term, take a chill pill and get a humor injection.  Right now, everybody is Kung Flu fighting.  Those germs are fast as lightning.  We all need to give it a ha and a high-ya and kick it's viral ass.


  1. High-ya! We'll beat this monster!

    Hugs on your ouchies. May your hip ease up soon!

    Yesterday we took the back roads home from shopping. Far more peaceful than the freeway. I'd happily go that way every time, but Mom is always in a hurry to get home.

  2. Ouch! I hate when that happens. 😘 the booboo. Nice to know that Owl is paying attention from her tree.

    I should have saved that meme I saw--a sign on a dojo about "no way was everyone kung fu fighting." I laughed at the time because every time I hear the song, I wonder... 🤔

    I hit Wallyworld around 8 this morning. No line. Got right in. Got almost everything on my list. Still no Clorox/Lysol wipes though there was spray. I have enough of that for awhile. I did score a bottle of hand sanitizer for an emergency backup.

    I think the pups and I are going to take a walk here in a bit. Won't go far because taking Boone and he's an old man. May walk him short, then drop him home and Jake and I go longer. It's not too hot yet.

    Not much else going on. Life as pretty much usual except no Starbucks after or Jake with me on the WW run. Maybe I'll get some words written. Maybe I won't. 😏

    Hang in there. Let me know if you need anything! 😷