Wednesday, April 29, 2020

The Chaos Diairies - 4/29/20

One thing one must remember is that they are called a dollar store, at least why they used to be called dollar stores, necause they often sold seconds and irregulars and stuff made more cheaply than regular stores.  Therefore, buying the same brand at DG might yield a different result than the same brand at Wallyworld.  The reason I mention this is that I bought Kira's regular brand kitty litter at DG the other day.  Ever since we started using that particular package, she's been sneezing her fool head off and is less likely to want to use the litterbox.  Oh, she hasn't gone anywhere else yet, but she balks every time I put her in the litterbox now.  I'm all like 'the sooner you go, the sooner you can get out', but no.

Which leads me around to the salient question of the day - Do I go to Wallyworld earlier than planned or let the cat sneeze for another week?  Also salient - is it the litter or are her allergies spiking particularly hard this year and it just happened to coincide with the opening of the litter?

Owl also informed me last night that she's almost out of something she needs.  Blerg.

I had heard a rumor that everyone has to wear facemasks at Wallyworld now.  The most recent update I could find says employees have to, but customers are only encouraged to.  I will take one with me and put it on if I have to.

Additionally, I saw a headline this morning that some stores in Western Michigan are refusing service to people not wearing masks.  Personally, I think the world has gone stark-raving mad.  It also occurred to me that a certain segment of the populace, who wear face coverings as part of their culture, should be particularly happy right now. 

I'm particularly tired of statistics right now.  Statistics can be manipulated pretty much any way you want to manipulate them.  Which reminds me, there's a commercial with this one particularly annoying ass talking about the drop in Trump's approval ratings like it's the most fun thing ever.  Last I heard, there was no drop in approval ratings.  I could be wrong.  I don't exactly have my finger on the pulse of the American people.  And I guess it depends on which segment of the populace you're polling.  Either way, people can say pretty much whatever they want on TV.

Right now, people are watching a lot of TV, so I guess now would be the time to put out whatever message you want the masses to buy.

Speaking of buying, I'm getting irritated with commercials for things we can longer buy or no longer have access to.  But then again, I'm just generally irritable this morning.  I need more coffee. 

How are things with you today? 


  1. I'm sorry it's hard for you to wear a mask. Phobias can be crippling. When we went to Walmart, we only saw two people without masks, but everyone else wore something, either a real mask or a scarf.

    If they insist, maybe you can wear a scarf until you enter the store and then pull it down once you start shopping.

    I have to be honest, I stay away from people without masks. It's gotten to be a habit now. Oh, what am I saying? I stay away from everyone given half a chance. LOL!

    Get your stuff.

    PS If it were me, I'd change the cat food just to see if it was the dollar store food or allergies. If you smoke inside your home, it's also possible the cat's reacting to the smoke. I saw that a lot when I was a vet tech. Back then so many people smoked and the cats were always brought in during the winter when cat and owner were trapped in the house for long periods.

  2. You're going to have to hit Wallyworld sooner or later. Might as well be sooner. Test the litter. If Kira stops sneezing, you'll know. If she doesn't, then you'll have extra litter and will need to figure out something. I'm not much help there.

    Don't get me started on politics. The hypocracy burns my buns. And yes, stats can be massaged, just as polls can. I learned 40 years ago how to word a poll question to get the results wanted. Moving on.

    Sounds like Missouri is getting ready to open up. I'd get to WW before that happens if you want to avoid the crowds.

    Not much going on down here. We dodged the storms and embedded hail. The BiL meet us at one of his rental properties (an empty mechanics shop) and LG parked his truck inside. Say what you want but every time we take precautions like that, the storms miss us. We did get a tiny smattering of pea-sized hail that lasted about 5 minutes, on and off. His truck would have been fine in the driveway, under the trees. Just as well, though.

    That's all the news I've got. Later, tater.