Monday, April 6, 2020

The Chaos Diaries - 4/6/20

Here we are again on day whatever of the chaos. 

It has been decided that I will go to the store on Wednesday.  And this was decided before I heard that Senior hour is a madhouse.  (Thanks for that info, Deb.)  It just makes more sense when all factors are considered. 

I am a wee bit concerned that I will be going to Wallyworld without a mask - not because I'm afraid I'll catch it but because I'm afraid of panicky people.  It doesn't help that I cough because I smoke.  The chance of me catching this in a county where there has been like 1 case is really low.  The chance that I will be attacked in some way because I coughed in a store is higher.  I'll be carrying cough drops with me.

I was in the Dollar General the other day.  One woman had a surgical mask on.  One woman had a winter scarf wrapped around her face.  And a man was wearing this high-tech mini-goalie mask thing over his mouth and nose.  Out of maybe 8-10 people in the whole store.  Scary shit, man.  Not the disease = people's reactions to the chaos.

One of the things that gets me about all this is the total lack of real information.  So much of what's out there conflicts what else is out there.  Agencies we're supposed to trust contradict themselves.  And it doesn't seem to be based on data or reality.  It seems to be based on whatever way the wind is blowing.  It's all very confusing.

Hubs is reading me a list of National Parks they've closed.  National Parks, people.  Where generally you're not within 6 ft of anyone - except where tourists glut together for pictures.  They closed all the rest huts and bathrooms on the Appalachian Trial, where I'm pretty sure you won't see another human being all day.  No walking outside dammit.  He just said they closed Death Valley.  We had a little laugh about that one. 

Locally, there have been reports of people gathering and not social distancing at boat ramps.  I understand the idea.  Humans are not made for isolation.  Americans aren't made for obeying orders.  And around here, the tendency is to NOT trust the government about anything.  Put those things together and you've got people flipping the bird at the chaos rules.  Hell, I'm halfway tempted to flip the bird at them, too.  If this goes on long enough, expect even the law-abiding citizens to say 'fuck you, I'm going outside'. 

Most of my obeying of the chaos rules comes from the fact that it would wreck me if I brought this crap home to Hubs and now the Owl.  Mama Bear doesn't want to see her family sick.  Sure, I don't want to get sick either, but it's more about them than me. 

How are things with you out there? 


  1. We're all good. You can use a bandanna for a mask. If you want, I can whip some up for you three. We ordered some from an Etsy store that has washable filters. They aren't here yet so LG is using one of our Nomex fire hoods and I'm using an N95 mask that was tucked into my unused-for-years go bag. It's uncomfortable and I hate the chemical smell and having to suck hard to breathe through it. It's also hot. Yes, that's me complaining.

    I'll likely hit Wally-world tomorrow or Wednesday. NOT during senior hour. We need dog food, soy milk, and...I'll have look at my list. Not much stuff and I can be in and out ASAP due to the one-in/one-out rule they've implemented.

    People are stupid. 'Nuff said.

    And yeah, I cough too. And sneeze. Stupid allergies.

    Not much else going on in my world. Oh. I did break down and set up a statistical Excel sheet to track Oklahoma and Oklahoma County cases, percentages, and changes. I'm all nerdy like that.

    Hang in there. We'll flatten the curve sooner than later. 🥰

  2. Wearing a mask is more protection for others against you than it is for you, but I figure even a little covering might help. I gather they are mostly there to remind us to not touch our face (faces?).

    Mom has some wimpy paper masks she uses for mowing, and we'll wear them tomorrow. The plan is to get 3 weeks worth of groceries. Of course, last time we were supposed to get 2 week's worth, and Mom barely lasted 10 days.

    We'll avoid Wallyworld, if I have any say in the matter. It's so hard to tell Mom NOOOOO!