Thursday, April 16, 2020

The Chaos Diaries - 4/16/20

There doesn't seem to be as much chaos here lately.  I'm not sure if everything is settling down or I'm just getting acclimated to it.

I hit the Dollar General yesterday.  When I got there, there were about 6 cars in the parking lot.  I saw five other shoppers, so the 6th car must've been the cashier.  One woman had latex gloves on.  Otherwise, except for staying the hell away from each other and emptier shelves than usual, it was pretty much any other morning in the store.  One gal was there with her kid, who was maybe 9. 

As for emptier shelves, DG wasn't too awful.  No eggs, no ice cream, the only cooking spray they had was butter flavored.  They had cat food, but none of the kinds Kira will eat.  Thankfully, thirty cans arrived in the mail yesterday - 10 more days.  The juice aisle was pretty scant, but I did get more apple juice.  We go through a lot of juice here since we quit soda pop.

Speaking of soda, I broke down and opened our last bottle of offbrand Mtn Dew.  It's two years old.  And flat.  But it's a beverage that isn't water, so I'm drinking it.

Speaking of things to drink, I heard through the grapevine that tonic water with quinine is good for combating this virus.  Not sure how true it is, but it can't hurt.  I'm drinking tonic and OJ like once a day.  Ooo, so exclusive.

Yesterday afternoon, the three of us went fishing and I began teaching Owl how to fish.  For the maiden outing, I broke out the old rig - short pole and closed reel.  The easiest to learn on.  Her casting was improving quite well.  Next outing, I'll teach her how to use my spincaster.  She got some bites, but nothing worth catching.  Hubs spent his time working the lures.  I caught one bluegill and that was at the end of our being out there. 

If you haven't already heard, the stimulus checks have started dropping.  Ours hasn't hit yet, so Hubs found a page at the IRS where you can check on your check.  Since we haven't had a refund in years, they didn't have our banking info on file for the direct deposit.  He entered all the stuffs, so we should be good to go now.  If you haven't seen yours hit your account, I suggest you hit the site.  You will need last year's tax info to prove you are who you say you are - Adjusted Gross Income and the amount of your refund/tax payment.  Good luck.

I also saw this morning where the Missouri governor is encouraging self-employed and gig workers hit by this to apply for unemployment.  Check whether your state is offering the same assistance. 

Additionally, I heard that the federal government's plan to help small business by getting them loans is a clusterfuck.  Hopefully, that will be worked out soon, so we won't see a tidal wave of small businesses going under due to this chaos crap.

There's other stuff, I'm sure, but it's time for me to get on with my day.

How are things going for you out there?  Anything to add?


  1. Everyone on Socical Security is supposed to be good to go. I keep watching my direct deposit account. Since nothing was ever mentioned about VA disability, LG went in and signed up. We logged into the the "find my free money" IRS site yesterday. Neither of us exist. 🙄 I suspect that is the systems way of dealing with a glitch but I'm sure it sent panicked people into a frenzy, which would only further glitch the system. We know someone who has gotten a payment so they are rolling out. We'll give it a few more days and then try tracking again if nothing has appeared.

    LG is having trouble finding the cheap caffeine energy drinks he likes. I keep telling him that I can budget to buy Monster but I think he enjoys getting out and hunting. And if there's a Kira food emergency, tag me. I can grab some here and overnight it to you!

    Not much is going on here. I ended up doing nothing writerly yesterday. I had to restart my computer for an update and after closing all the open windows that contained writing stuffs, I just never got around to opening them again. Out of sight, out of mind. Need to fix that today. (Which means I'll probably open those docs but will stare at them and find some way to waste time. 😝

    Not much else to report here. It really is mostly life as usual for this branch of the James Gang. I'm sure the Kids are about to drive each other crazy. Only has restarted her exercise program out of desperation. 🤣

    Okay. Time for a fresh cup and checking the news feed to see what's going on in the world and then maybe some new words or editing. I should carve a few things in stone to give myself hard deadlines. I'll panic but stuff will get written/edited. Right?

    Stay tough! We got this. 🥰

  2. We got our money on Tuesday, I think.

    I heard some people were bitching because the physical checks had Trump's name on it.

    Who cares? And if you do care so much, feel free to tear up the check if it bothers you that much.

    That's really splitting hairs now.

  3. Thanks for the link! My brother's money hasn't shown up yet. I need to get his info and set it up for him.