Tuesday, April 7, 2020

The Chaos Diaries - 4/7/20

I saw something on FB yesterday.  A writer is self-isolating at her vacation home in another state and has been there for almost a month.  She went somewhere and got back to her car to find a series of notes telling her to go home, that she wasn't wanted in their state, etc. etc. etc.  How ridiculous.  Ugh.  Seriously.  I live in MO, but only about two miles from the border of AR, and I like the AR store better than the closest one here.  (The drive up there sucks and it is still farther away then the AR store.)  I swear if I come out of Wallyworld to find a note like that on my car, I'm gonna go apeshit.  Of course, about half the cars at Wallyworld on any given day are MO cars.  And OK cars.  And a few TX cars.  So the chances of nasty notes are slim.  If I lived in a city, I'd shelter here, too. Still only one case in my county, one case in the county where I get gas, and one in the county in the AR where I shop.

I read a headline a couple days ago about a band of people in some state (Rhode Island?  Vermont?) who are forcibly isolating out-of-towners.  I didn't read the story, but the implications there... Ugh.  You try to forcibly isolate me, I'm bringing you up on charges.

The other day, an old woman was killed for not staying 6 ft away from people.  I also read a story about a man killing his family and then himself to protect them from the coronavirus.

If you wonder why I call these posts, the Chaos Diaries, think about it for a sec.  The virus isn't what's causing this crap.  Fear.  Ignorance.  Misinformation.  Assumptions.  Outright lies.  You fear a zombie apocalypse?  Well, this is as close as you're gonna get.  People are turning into zombies - brainless, mindless drones acting on impulse.  The only difference - well, except for the whole not eating each other yet - is there's a cure for this.  It's called REASON.  Hell, maybe the justification for zombies eating brains is because they have none of their own.

Recently saw where one county in CA is making it mandatory to wear a mask if you step outside your house and if you don't, you face a $1000 fine.  Thank goodness I don't live there.  I'm not wearing a mask, and will only do so under extreme duress -. like if they say you have to or you 1) will get fined, 2) will get arrested, 3) can't shop without one.  You see, I have this thing where I can't have anything over my mouth or I panic like I'm about to suffocate.  Rationally, I know I can breathe just fine, but it's not the rational part of my brain at work here.  Just the thought of wearing a mask makes me palpitate.  Happy to stay 6 ft away from people, though.  Ten feet is better.  A mile would be fine.

As for me, I grabbed the Owl and went fishing yesterday.  Well, first we stopped at the bank and I got to see my bestie for the first time in two weeks - through the glass of the drive-thru window.  I miss seeing her in person and getting a hug.  =o( 

Anyway... It was good to be at the lake.  There were people, but they were either putting their boat in or taking it out and no one but Owl got anywhere near me.  She didn't fish.  I wanted to see if she'd enjoy it before I slapped down the $50 for a license for her.  She said she liked it, insomuch as she watched me catch a fish and stood around at the lake, so I'll get a license - online, of course. 

Tomorrow, I go out amongst people.  While talking with my bestie, she said she'd been to our Wallyworld since the new rules were in place and it wasn't too bad, so I have hope.

In other news, Mom and Sis are having a tough time finding TP.  Mom isn't going out - Sis is doing all the shopping for both of them now.  She found one 4 roll package of shitty TP for them both.  Not sure what their supply was like and how long that'll last.  Come on, people, leave some TP on the shelves for people who need it.  Surely your supplies are such now that you don't need to hoard more.  Mom's sure people are buying it up and selling it at a huge markup.  She's probably right.

Okay, time to let you all go about your day.  Have as good a one as you can out there in the chaos.  We're holding the fort here. 


  1. Wow. Crazy is right. And I thought the couple in Phoenix who drank the fish tank cleaner because it had a form of hydroxychloroquine listed as an ingredient. Fish. Tank. CLEANER! They drank it. He died. She recovered but now she wants to sue the president. 🤦‍♀️🤯

    People are just...sheep. No. That's wrong. Sheep are smarter.

    I plan to hit Wallyworld tomorrow morning. We need a few things and I like to refresh supplies before I get down to the last bit of whatever. Not hording, but stocking for 2-3 weeks. Hopefully, the first rush is settling down and there will be more stuff on the shelves. Michigan was a little behind the curve on that so it might take them longer. 🤔

    Not much change around here. Jake and I will make a pizza run this afternoon. It's $10 Tuesday at Papa Murphy's.

    I found a Starbucks open yesterday. LG had to go into his office but forgot the power cord to his computer. Jake and I took the stuff he forgot and the Starbucks on the way--which is like one of 3 open in a 400 square-mile area--was open and the drive-thru line not too bad. I got my fix and Jake got his puppacino. I also gave them a $5 tip. I appreciate them working though it was weird being masked (on both sides) of the window. Then I stopped for gas as I was around 1/4 of a tank. I filled up for less than $17. Not good for my oil royalty checks but yay for being cheap. Mixed emotions there.

    It's gray today but the temp is mild. I hope you get to go fishing again today. I'd go with you. Not to fish but to sit on a rock and just...be.

    Okay. That's it for me. I may actually try new words today. Not holding my breath but...ever optimistic.

    Stay home. Stay safe. Stay healthy.

  2. It's been so long since I've been out, I can't even remember. Mid March maybe?

    I am running out of lettuce and my young neighbor is making a run so I won't feel deprived.

    People are nuts anyway, so if I can avoid them, I do.