Sunday, April 19, 2020

Sunday Update - Week 15

The fifteenth week of the year and who knows how many weeks into the chaos.  Woohoo.

I'm not still not writing or editing.  I admire greatly anyone who has the ability to shut this off long enough to focus on being creative.  I ain't one of you.  I wrote that yesterday morning, preparing this post for today.  Then I kicked my own ass for being a whiny baby and got back into the edits for Ugly and the Beast.  I edited almost 100 pages yesterday.  The end is near.  This chaos crap has wasted enough of my time and mental real estate this year.  Time to open back up for business.

Also, I had some new thoughts about Cinder Ugly's next scene and I'm feeling good about getting back to that again.

I have been reading, naturally.  That shuts the chaos off for a while.  Other than what you saw on yesterday's Reading Wrap-up, I finished The Mummy and read a whole, albeit short, book yesterday, too.  I'll talk about those two next Saturday.

In baking news, I did granola bars, chocolate chip cake cookies, and oatmeal raisin cookies.  We're out of baker's cocoa now and powdered sugar, so chocolate anything and cake frosting are off the menu for a while.  We're also out of cake mix and chocolate chips, but that might not necessarily preclude me from making more cookies.  I have mini Hershey bars I could chop into bits, as well as the ingredients for cookie dough.  As long as the eggs hold out.  Still can't find eggs locally.  =o\

This morning, I'm going to make an omelet using eggs I had previously frozen.  I'll let you know how it goes.

My activity level's been pretty good this week.  I did the Hard Target Walk yesterday - 1.6 miles - and I shaved two minutes off my usual 30-minute time.  Also did a couple of shorter walks this past week and some cleaning.  And went fishing twice.  I gained back a pound from the stress-drop, which isn't necessarily a bad thing.  Weight: 174.6.  Still down eight pounds for the year.

Another active thing I did this week was spraying the poison ivy.  Die, you rancid bastards, die!

The deer are starting to look pregnant.  Yay!  And the hummingbirds are back!  Yay! 

And that's about it for me today.  What did your Week 15 look like?


  1. My feeder is out but I haven't seen any hummingbirds. 😐 Myabe they'll come if the honeysuckle ever blooms. If it doesn't, I'm cutting back huge swaths of the bush outside my window. I have one HUGE purple iris blooming. That sucker is over 3' tall. I have a few buds on my peony too. And bluebells. The bluebells are blooming as did the white starflowers. Not sure what they actually are but they're perennial bulps that often bloom in the snow. Once the sun comes out again, I plan to get into my island planter and hoe out some of the bermuda growing there. It's as insidious as poison ivy, grapevine, Virginia creeper, and wisteria. All of which is threatening to take over. Well, except for the poison ivy. *knock wood* Haven't had any of that here.

    Having the TV/Internet out Friday and Saturday has thrown me off. Ugh.

    Today is the day I want to stay in bed with the covers over my head. Insomnia has been plaguing me for about 2 weeks, mixed in with totally bizarre dreams. Actually slept fairly decently last night, woke up at usual time (6-ish), let dogs out, fed Loki and feral cats, made coffee, let dogs in and gave them treats, and went back to bed. Fell back asleep until after 11 a.m. That NEVER happens! Once I'm up, I'm up, unless I'm sick. Sadly, woke up with a sleep headache. Never fails. 🤣

    Not a whole lot else is new in my world. Got word of a call for short shories for an anthology. Dug out two scenes I'd written and tucked back for a future Nightrider book. Thinking I'm going to flesh them out and submit. Only 3K-5K, but if picked, guaranteed publication and perhaps a foot in the door. That's my task for today and tomorrow. We'll see how it goes.

    That's the news for me. It's 1 p.m. and I've only had 1 cup of coffee. That's just...wrong! 🤣🤣🤣

    So happy you have ideas and 100 pages under your belt. You go! I LOVED Ugly and the Beast!!! Oh, I need to overnight you eggs?

    1. Thanks, but I'm not sure how they *could* ship eggs, and I still have almost a dozen. I'm just trying to ration. And I have to ask the Owl to stop fixing herself egg sandwiches for breakfast.

    2. Can you get the egg...substitute? Not really fake eggs but the kind in a milk carton instead of whole? She can make scrambled egg breakfast sandwiches out of that. Just a though. 😁

    3. Hooray for hummingbirds! I never see them here and miss them.

      Yay for more editing! Triple yay for new inspirations!

      I pulled some weeds and discovered a couple of sprigs of poison ivy -- in my iris bed, of course, where I can't spray it. But I was barehanded at the time, so I didn't want to touch it. Now I need to remember to take my rubber gardening gloves out with me.

      I didn't know eggs *could* be frozen!

      I managed to clean up 10 illustrations this week. Progress, slow as it is.