Sunday, April 5, 2020

Sunday Update - Week 13

Well, that was a Week 13 if I ever saw one.

Still no writing, editing, or marketing.  I keep telling myself I'm going to do something writerly, but then when the rubber meets the road, I can't get any traction.  I need to do something because it's been about a month since I sold any books.

My reading week was weird.  A bunch of DNFs and then I read two books in a series back to back, which I almost never do.  Good series, though.  I wish I had the budget to buy the next three books, but I have other things I need to spend that $12 on right now.

You've already heard about life in the chaos this week, so I'll skip that.  There'll be another Chaos Diaries post tomorrow.

I made another chocolate oil cake this week.  And another batch of granola bars.  I have just enough ingredients to make another batch of granola bars, but I'm out of baker's cocoa, so no more of that cake for a while.  I might make applesauce bread this week.

They will be shutting down Missouri effective tomorrow, but they left a nice wrinkle - we can still outdoor recreate (as long as we follow the chaos rules), which means I could conceivably go fishing.  You know, if it ever stops raining and warms back up because I have no urge to freeze my ass off right now.  Maybe today.  Perhaps tomorrow.

Hubs and I are in discussions as to who's going shopping this week.  He says him because he can get in at 6am on Tuesday.  I say me because I know where everything is and can get in and out quicker.  I really wish I could trust the local grocery store to not poison me, so I could have an alternative to Walmart.  Oh, in case you hadn't heard, Walmart has new shopping guidelines that went into effect yesterday.  There's a set number of people allowed into the store at any given time and once that number is reached, you have to wait until someone leaves before they'll let you in.  Should be interesting. 

Lastly, everyone here is well.  And everyone I'm related to is well as of Friday when I talked to Mom.  I hope all the people I care about beyond that are healthy as well, but since I only communicate with most of them online or face to face (which I can't do anymore), I only know about them if I hear from them.  If you're reading this and you don't usually comment, drop a quick 'Fine here.' in the comments so I know you're okay.  Okay?

What went on in your week last week? 


  1. If it helps, here's what I did with Greg when he went shopping. I put everything on the list in the order it will appear in the store when he enters. Worked pretty good. He was in and out in minutes.

  2. I'll have to hit WallyWorld in the next few days. I might try the early thing Tuesday too. Whoever decided that old people should be up and driving before daylight obviously isn't old. 🙄

    We're all fine. LG gets out more than me. Cigarettes, snacks. Takeout. I'm like you, though. Wallyworld is quick for me. I know where stuff is, my list is set up in order and I can be in and out in about 20 minutes if I don't have to look for crap they've moved around. I like the idea of one-way aisles. That makes sense even during normal times! 😏

    Very little writing. Lots of book listening. 🎧

    Ordered masks from an Etsy store the day before the suggestion from CDC came out. Hope to get them in a week or so. In the meantime, LG dug through our "construction" and firefighting supplies. He found an N95 mask tucked into my old go-bag. I'll be using it without guilt. It's been out there for a LOOOOONG time, and wasn't in sanitary packaging so while I'll risk myself, won't risk a first responder of any ilk!

    Not much else going on. OH! Nope. Nevermind. You'll have to read my Monday update. 😉

    Okay. Time to figure out something to do. Maybe I'll try writing. Or not. More coffee first.

    Stay home. Stay safe. Stay healthy. 🥰

  3. Fine here. Glad to hear you and yours are doing well. Crazy times - we're social distancing (although, like you guys, we have the hermit gene and it's not too much of a hardship) and grocery shopping once a week (Ron is designated shopper - not sure why, but that's how it's gone down).

    Stay safe - stay healthy <3

  4. We're all healthy here. Today was my 7-yo-grandniece's birthday, and instead of a party, she had a 'parade' - meaning she sat in her mom's lap while her dad drove her from house to house so everyone could wave at her. Us old folks gave her our best turn out -- all five of us with Happy Birthday signs.

    I tried to figure out how to shop online, but it's been a bust. The local grocery store has a 13-day waiting list for curbside pickup, and half of what we wanted isn't on the website, plus some that was now shows out of stock. I then tried Amazon, but a $3.50 box of cereal costs $12.95, and I couldn't find the next thing on Mom's list at all. Soooo, back to real shopping later this week.

    btw, I heard that Senior Hour is a zoo, but a couple of hours after that wasn't much worse than a normal day.

    Still plugging along on 1880s illustrations. I spent waaay too much time trying to shop online. I HATE SHOPPING, online or off! ;-)