Friday, April 24, 2020

The Chaos Diaries - 4/24/20

Every day the world is getting weirder.

All the catfood I ordered has now shipped.  Sixteen more days worth.  Unfortunately, the hand mixer that is in-stock has not shipped.  I saw something this morning about pet food being 'essential' that made me think they're not shipping my hand mixer because it's 'non-essential'.  Listen here, bud, that hand mixer is essential here. 

And since when do we let other people decide what is essential to us?  Every job is essential when it puts food on the table for your family.  Seeds are essential for the same reason and for the reason that planting things - even just flowers - is an excellent way to de-stress, get exercise and fresh air, and generally increase your well being.  City folks just don't get it.  And city folks are the ones controlling this crap for the most part. 

I read a thing this morning about a guy who has allergies who coughed in a store and got a bunch of dirty looks.  And he was wearing a mask, for petesakes.  Come on, people, get a grip.  This is why I now carry cough drops everywhere I go - which, to be honest, isn't very many places anymore.  I cough because I smoke, not because I have the 'rona. 

Speaking of not going places, it's been 16 days since I went to Wallyworld and over a week since I went to any other store.  This is not good for my mental well being.  I joked about being a hermit before.  Pish.  Before has nothing on now.

Here, we've settled into place.  The Owl does her thing, we do ours.  Her semester at college is officially done.  Other than not going to stores, our lives are pretty much the same as they always were.  I'm trying to find new and interesting things to make for dinner.  Today, though, will probably be chicken patty sandwiches.  The last of those.  Ate the last of the homemade chili last night.  Finished off the last pork roast Saturday.  I hope everyone likes chicken and fish, because we still have tons of that stuff. 

I defrosted one jug of the frozen milk and had some with a bowl of cereal.  Tastes the same, so that's a win.  Which is good, because the fresh milk is almost gone.  Time to start the defrost on a second jug - it takes about 3 days in the fridge to completely defrost. 

I am about this close to saying 'fuck it', jumping in the car, and wandering around Wallyworld for the hell of it.  If I wasn't worried about bringing this crap home to Hubs, I'd totally do it.  I'm not worried that it'll kill him, but I hate when he's sick because I always feel so bad for him, and I would hate to be the one who brought it home to him.  Me?  I'm not worried about me.  I'm strong like bull.  (So is he, btw, but like I said, I hate when he's sick.)

So, how are you these days?  Allergies getting to you?  Going stir-crazy?  Sick of the crap?  Talk to me, people.

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  1. Red cedar is gone, golden oaks are on the way out so I'm good on allergies until the cottonwood starts to "bloom."

    The weirdness knows no bounds. Neither do the politicians.

    Yay for catfood coming. I ordered two hardbacks and evidently, they were deemed essential. 🤷 And hell yeah but a mixer is essential.

    What's up with the people in Michigan? Talk about weirdness. The governor's approval rating is high according to one poll. They obviously weren't talking to the right people.

    I just want to get in my car and drive. Gas is cheap. (Which is killing my oil & gas royalty payments.) And yeah, I miss wandering through Wallyworld and any other store I might happen to be in. Now it's "get in/get out/people waiting!"

    I'm getting a little freaked out. There's been 4 days this week where we haven't gotten any mail. The postman just passes up by. More weird world.

    Life is okay for the most part. It's almost the end of the month and I still have money in the bank. Our favorite Chinese place has reopened. I'm fixing pattymelts for dinner. Everyone is healthy. I even knew what day it was when I woke up. I did have to remind LG. He's having more trouble with that than I am because he doesn't go to the office.

    Glad all is well there. Stay safe, stay sane, stay healthy!