Friday, April 28, 2023

Thursday This n That

 Yeah, I know it's Friday, but I was busy yesterday.  It was take the kitties for their wellness vet visit.  They gave us something for Sawyer's sniffles and something else for Finn's intestinal issues, and something for both of them for general health, I guess.  They made it down and back with minimal meowing, no pooping and, most importantly, no puking.  The appointment was super quick and we were home before 10, which was good because I wasn't due in to work until 11.  

The stuff they gave Sawyer for his sniffles went down like a dream.  The stuff they gave Finn for his tummy was a fuckin' nightmare.  And he's my good baby.  I thought his head was gonna start spinning around he was freaking out so bad.  Thanks for that, doc.  And now he doesn't trust me.  Double thanks.  And the stress of the whole ordeal has made his poops worse.  Blerg.  Since the doc assured me it couldn't be parasites, I'm just going to hope he grows out of it.  And I'll probably try my sister's recommendation and start mixing cat food with the kitten food.  

It'll all work itself out.

Speaking of work, it's all starting to smooth itself out as well.

Not smoking at this desk is driving me nuts.  The force of habit is strong.

Speaking of smoking, I do it.  And I'm gonna keep doing it.  Why do people feel the need to make comments on it when they would think it rude to make comments on any other personal habit?  It's verboten to walk by someone eating and tell them that their hamburger is going to kill them.  It's tacky to keep reminding people who drink about what alcohol is doing to their liver.  Or that they could kill someone on their way home.  And you'll never hear someone telling someone else that they're perfume stinks.  But smokers are fair game?  Bah.  And feh.  I'm perfectly respectful about smoking.  I don't do it around people.  I police my butts.  Hell, if I'm smoking outside and someone who isn't smoking is nearby, I try to blow the smoke away from them.  Or I walk away.  

The deer are fat pregnant.  Soon, we'll have fawns.

And on that note, Hubs is up and I should probably go find something else to do for the few minutes I have before I have to get ready for work.  Have a great day, y'all.

Sunday, April 23, 2023

Sunday Update - Week ?

 The weeks... they blur together like... things that blur.

Work is work.

The cats are in the middle of a wrestling match ranging all over the office.  Time out for litterbox.

This morning Hubs couldn't believe we've only had the cats for two weeks.  But yeah, it's only been two weeks.  Like I told a co-worker, it's like having toddlers with knives.  I think my two most used verbalizations are 'Be a good boy.' and NO.  They're going to the vet on Thursday for a wellness check.  I should probably trim their claws beforehand.  I mean, they're good kittens, but they are kittens.  

To say I'm distracted would be putting it mildly.  I have work, which takes all my concentration M-F (and some on the weekends because I can't make it stop) and I have the kittens who take all the rest of my brain power.  I thought briefly about writing, but that's about the extent of it.

I'm reading the same book I've been reading for two weeks now.  Every time I open the book and get settled, I have a cat on my lap... sometimes two.  

No baking.

No activity.  Weight 159.2

And they're back to wrestling again.

The birds are singing their brains out.  I love Spring.

The deer are all fat pregnant.  

And I think that's about it for the update.  Have a great week, everyone.

Thursday, April 20, 2023

Thursday This n That

 I'm trying to take more pictures of Finn and Sawyer.  They don't make it easy.  They're so damn active a lot of the pics I take have to be tossed because they're blurry.  Anyway, here's a mash up of pics I took of each of them...

Such an attractive pair and so refined.  You'd never know by looking at this that they are devil babies.  But I must say that shutting them in the office at night is making a difference in our sleep.  Sure, we never were champion sleepers, but we were getting even less sleep than we were usually able to glean.  Last night was actually restful.  One in a row... yay!

I got kudos at work yesterday.  They did their weekly meeting (which I am rarely invited to... yay... I'm not a fan of meetings) and I guess they were talking about me because afterward, the boss told me that they were all saying what a good job I'm doing.  Yay.  I try, but I don't always know... ya know?

I'm not spending an awful lot of time online these days.  The boys are giving me ADD (no H... I can never be described as hyperactive.)  I try to focus and then I hear them up on the table, trying to eat my sunglasses and hide my keys, and I'm off.  Then I get back to my chair to find one of them sleeping.  Not sure how they do that.  

Because Half-Pint left the office, I now do the later shift - 9 to 5:30 - for the foreseeable future.  I enjoy having more time in the morning, but not having less time at night.  Derp.

Anyway, the boys are demanding attention, which makes it hard to type this post.  So, I'm going to let you go.  Have a great day, everyone!

Sunday, April 16, 2023

Sunday Update - Week 15

The week is a blur, but I'll try to recreate some of it...

Work, Cats...

That's about it.

Seriously, though...  Work was busy, but good.  We're learning to roll with fewer office staff.  A lean, mean, fighting machine.  Hoo ya.

The cats are filled with boundless energy.  I wish I could harness some of that.  Alas, they aren't sharing it.  And their boundless energy makes me tired.  LOL

I totally forgot to do my Saturday Reading Wrap-up again.  I may just stop doing that.  I didn't finish any books last week.  Right now, I'm on a Victoria Holt.  

Don't even ask about activity.  I did nothing except for cat wrangling.  Last I checked, I was at 160-ish pounds.

I saw a bald eagle yesterday.  That was probably the last one I'll see for the season.  I know, I said that the last time I saw a baldy, but this time I'm probably right.

Last night, to try and regain some sleep, we put the cats in the office with their food and water (the litterbox and their toys are already in here) and shut the door.  They were no worse for wear.  The office is like 600 sq ft and it has plenty of places to sleep/play/wrassle/run like crazy people.  And we got sleep, too.  Yay.

Yesterday, at the Wallyworld, I picked up some seed packets - tomatoes, bell peppers (mixed colors), and basil.  We'll see if I can get any of them to grow and produce yummies.  I'll settle for grow and at least fill  in the bare patches in my gardens.  :shrug:  As long as the basil grows, it'll produce something edible, so there's that.  I don't really have the time to mess with a garden these days, so they'll be on their own.  

And I think that's about it.  Have a great day and I'll yat at you later.  

Friday, April 14, 2023

Thursday This n That

I think my cats may be possessed.  Or they're just kittens.  Which could actually be synonymous.  I was awakened at 1am by one of them nibbling on my fingers and the other one trying to sleep on my face.  Right now, Sawyer is climbing my chair like some kind of Xtreme athlete. That boy's got skillz.  He would also put Pele to shame with the way he handles the ball.  Finn, on the other hand, is an instigator.  The Finnstigator.  He likes to start things up and then complain that he's being picked on.  But I've got his number now.  Last night they were REALLY good little kittens.  Tonight?  Not so much.  

Devil kitties.  Debbil kitties. 

The coyotes are singing to me tonight.  Maybe it's a full moon.  

Friday... Well, whaddya know... I never finished this post yesterday.  I didn't even get online after I got home from work.  Derp.

I was awakened this morning at 3:45 by a kitten nibbling on my fingers and then trying to sleep on my face.  Now they're chasing each other around with wild abandon.

Since I just watched the moon rise, I can now say it's not a full moon.  

There isn't enough coffee on the planet to cope with my lack of sleep.  I need mega coffee.  Or a coffee IV.  Not caffeine pills.  I tried those back in 1988 and NOPE.  Those thing'll kill ya.

I was with a guy back then who would try anything.  Pills, pot, coke, booze... loads of booze... He even dropped acid.  Oddly enough, he was very anti-cigarette. :eyeroll:  I expect he's long dead now.  But he had one of those common names, so I could never find him on an internet search.  Maybe he died before the internet became a thing.  :shrug:

Sawyer has learned to pick his toys up and carry them around.  And he's such a toy hog.  Of course, Finn only wants to play with what Sawyer has.  Boys.  

Okay, I should probably post this and make the rounds.  Have a great day!

Oh, and I just took this... 

Sawyer and Finn after having climbed Mt. Desk Chair.

Sunday, April 9, 2023

Sunday Update - Week Cat

 Well, we did it.  Yesterday, we got a cat.  Okay, we didn't get A cat... we got two - Finn and Sawyer.  

Both boys.  Both right around 14-15 weeks old.  Finn is the all tabby and Sawyer is the tabby-n-white. They're supposedly from different litters because they came in from different sources, but I wonder if they aren't brothers.  Finn was brought in as abandoned on 3/21 and Sawyer was owner surrender on 3/26, so they could conceivably be from the same litter.  :shrug:  They act like brothers and that's all that matters.

Last night was our first night with the boys.  Needless to say we didn't get a whole lot of sleep.  But we got more than I had expected.  The boys curled up between Hubs and I, and slept for most of the night.  The brief interludes where they weren't on the bed, they were chasing each other around the house like madmen.   They didn't wreck anything, so yay.

We are no longer smoking in the house, which makes mornings really hard.  I'm used to sitting here puffing away while I do my online things and drink my coffee.  But we made a commitment to not smoke around the kittens, so there ya go.  (Although, I smoked around Kira when she was a kitten and she lived for almost 18 years.)  We also promised the shelter that we weren't going to smoke in the house and a contract is a contract.

Work is work... now with 50% more busy.

Activity?   Does cat wrangling count?  And I haven't had a chance to weigh myself in a few days, but last weight recorded was like 159.8.

I forgot to do my reading wrap-up yesterday.  Cat brain, doncha know.  I finished two books last week and got back on track.  Whether I'll be able to read with two kittens in the house is anyone's guess.  

On the way from from work on Friday, I saw a coyote.  Yay.

Oh... Happy Easter.  I'd forgotten until just now when I remembered that I'm supposed to call Mom this morning.  Anyway, however you celebrate it, have an awesome day.  I'll be celebrating with my two Easter Kitties.

And that's about it for now.  I'll post more pics along the way.  What's up in your world?

Thursday, April 6, 2023

Thursday This n That

 Ugh, it's Thursday.  How did that happen?  Where did the week go?  

I feel like the underside of a public picnic table.  I woke up at 3 feeling gross, but I made myself go back to sleep.  I woke up at 4:15 feeling grosser.  After several cups of coffee and more than a few cigarettes, I'm feeling a bit better, but meh.  I cannot miss work, so this better go away.

You know how I was really busy at work?  Apparently, I didn't know what busy was.  The office is about to be one short until they hire someone new.  And another short for the next week due to a planned vacation.  For the past week or so, I've been training on some of person A's job in addition to my regular work, so I'm already behind.  Hubs reminded me yesterday that I can only do what I can do and if things fall through the cracks, that's not on me.  I reminded him that I don't work that way (and neither does he, btw).  Not being able to accomplish everything I am given feels like failure.  Even if the reality of it is that I'm being given more work than a single human can accomplish in 8 hours a day.  Or 9 hours a day, if they approved overtime.  Which they didn't.  

The hunt for a cat has stalled.  The cats we expected to hit the website yesterday did not, so they either got adopted right away or the vet didn't clear them to be adopted.  :shrug:  We might try again this weekend, if we call and they say they have more cats not pictured on the site.  

I keep forgetting that Sunday is Easter.  Which means my Saturday shopping trip is probably going to be packed with people.  Blerg.  Now that we don't have kids, Easter isn't really a thing for us.  Oh, we do something special for dinner, but not really any other holiday happenins.  

Two days ago, it was 87F here.  This morning, the heater is kicking on.  Ah, April in the Ozarks.

There was a show about rabbits on PBS last night.  There's this gal in England that raises giant bunnies.  She's got one that, when he stands on his hind legs, is about 4 ft tall.  Now, that's a big bunny.  

Okay, I think that's about it for my this n that.  What do you have in your this n that today?


Sunday, April 2, 2023

Sunday Update - Week 13

 Okay, so... Week 13... 

Busy busy busy at work.  Work, now with 33% more busy.  

The weather here has been interesting, but not bad.  So if you've been seeing things, they are not here.  We got a bunch of rain and wind.  Then we got bunches of sun and wind.  Loads of sticks everywhere, but no real worries.  We went for a drive yesterday and could see where a rather large tree had fallen across the highway.  But it was cleaned up by the time we got there, so no worries.  It must've been a helluva surprise for the first person who arrived  after it fell, though.  Come around a curve and ACK!  I hope they stopped and didn't hit it.  I supposed I'll find out when the newspaper comes out.

Speaking of going for a drive, we went up to look at puddy-tats.  We did not come home with one.  There were some nice enough cats there, but none of them were quite right.  Since Hubs is going to be the one home with it all day, he's leading the hunt.  There was a beautiful, long-haired, black male.  He has diabetes, so no.  After years of dealing with a special needs kitty, we are not willing to go there.  There was a short-haired, chunky boi tabby.  The employee there kept saying that this cat could be kind of a butt.  I did not find that to be the case.  Unfortunately, he was a little older than we want.  The flame-point Siamese mix was super unfriendly.  Bummer.   He would probably get over that in a home environment, but can't take the chance he won't.  This will be our cat for life, no takesy-backsies.  There was a gorgeous calico, but she may have something wrong with her and they won't say when or whether she'll be up for adoption.  She loved me, but again, can't do sick kitty.  They had an actual Abyssinian.  She was gorgeous.  I thought she was a kitten, but she was 3 years old.  Too small.  And after reading up on the breed, not really the cat for us.  They had two actual kittens - one was super loud and the other one... well, I'm not sure why I didn't go for her, but she wasn't right.  We'll know when it's the right one.  We might try the other shelter near (for varying definitions of near) us today.  Otherwise, we'll try again next weekend.  

Ahem... umm... back to regular updates... 

I finished reading a couple books this week and I'm halfway through another.  I've almost caught back up to my goal progress with only one behind now.

No baking.

Not much in the way of activity this week.  I keep saying I need to walk more and then I don't.  Hubs is doing good on his activity, but that's while I'm at work.  Blerg.  No weight check because I haven't stepped on a scale in a while.

We're starting to be able to tell which deer are pregnant.  Yay.  

And that's about it for me.  How are things in your world?

Saturday, April 1, 2023

Saturday Reading Wrap-up - 4/1/23

Happy April First.  No foolin' here.

It was a good week for reading.  No new books, but it's all good.

Books Read: 

11) Cloudy with a Chance of Witchcraft by Mandy M. Roth (3/31/23) - Paranormal Romance* - 5 stars.  New to me but not underappreciated.  Picked up off the Freebooksy newsletter, so free.
Review: "It took a little bit for me to get into this one, but once I was in, I was in deep. This is a fun romp with a good story, a bit of suspense, and romance to boot."

10) Rainbow in the Mist by Phyllis A. Whitney (3/28/23) - Romantic Suspense - 5 stars. Not new to me, but under 50 reviews, so a little underappreciated.  Picked up from St. Vinny's for $1.
Review: "I think I read this one ages ago, but I didn't remember it very well, so it was like reading it for the first time. It's a little heavier on the supernatural than Whitney's other novels, but still pretty darn good."

No DNFs.

Currently reading... I finished the ebook last night at 9, so off to bed for me.  I'll start something today.  Not sure what yet.

What were you reading last week?