Saturday, April 4, 2020

Saturday Reading Wrap-up - 4/4/20

Hello again.  You'd think I'd be reading more during this self-isolation thing, but this week didn't pan out like I'd hoped.

I've been scanning through the free books trying to find something to read.  I found three on Sunday, but not much since then.  I'm down to one unread ebook from that score.  Of course, I still have scads of hardcopy books to read, so it's not critical or anything.

Books Read:

32) Pushing Daisy by Scott Baron (4/3/20) - SF*2 - 5 stars.  Not new to me since this is a book 2, but underappreciated.  I noticed this one was free when I downloaded the first book.
Review: "Excellent! I loved this sequel! But there were a lot of things left unanswered here - not a cliffhanger, per se, just threads still dangling. Good thing the next is already available."
Note: At this time, getting books 3-5 is not in the budget, but once this whole thing settles down, I'll be swooping back around.

31) Daisy's Run by Scott Baron (4/2/20) - SF* - 5 stars.  New to me but not underappreciated.  Free from the Robin Reads newsletter.
Review: "Interesting and well thought out book. I enjoyed the story, too. Okay, so sometimes I wanted to smack Daisy, but I came to understand why she was sometimes smackable, so it's all good. Onward to Book 2, which I already downloaded and accidentally started first, which kind of left me expecting events not yet foreshadowed. Derp."


3/29/20 - Future Suspense.  Free.  I think the author should've just written a modern-day suspense because the MC was 'old school' about everything and shunned the latest technologies, so why are they even there?  That and he, a police detective, and his partner did something too stupid for either of them to live right there at the beginning.  Blerg.

3/29/20 - Mystery.  Free.  Gah.  The 'banter' between the MC and her best friend was annoying the hell out of me, but I persevered.  The story itself was really good for a while there and then the banter started up again.  If the MC thinks so little of her BFF and they're constantly sniping at each other, why the hell are they friends?  I hate that.

3/28/20 - Fantasy. Free.  I don't know.  It just wasn't thrilling me enough to encourage me to read further.  And it was confusing.   Is the first scene part of the story or is the whole thing a story within a story or what?  Too much brain needed.  Didn't want to brain.

3/28/20 - Memoir.  Free.  Ugh, it so needed someone to say 'stop with the parentheses already'.  Like every other sentence they had some comment offset by ().  (Psst. I think they were trying to be folksy in their style, but it was too much).

Currently reading...  I picked up the next Vince Flynn book in line.  Love me some Mitch Rapp.

What reading have you been up to lately?


  1. I added 4 In Death re-listens this week, #6, #7, #7.5, and #8. I'll finish up my library UF listen (Druid Vices and a Vodka by Annette Marie) this morning, then I'm on to a fantasy "prequel" to a long series that is currently on...Netflix? Not sure. Not watching but curious enough to want to listen to the prequel the author wrote to lay groundwork. Probably won't move on, but who know? Anyway, the Robb books are all 5 stars because this is probably my all-time fav series. It's the one I'd want on a desert island. I've read 66 books so far this year, and 15 books ahead of schedule to meet my challenge.

    Keep calm and keep reading!

  2. I've been rereading Robin Hobbs' dragon series. A little depressing, but still great books!