Friday, April 10, 2020

The Chaos Diaries - 4/10/20

I'm still gimping along over here.  Every day a little bit better, but it's certainly putting a crimp in my activities.  Meanwhile, Hubs finished mowing the lawn yesterday and then hung blinds on the garage windows.  Let's not talk about how long ago we bought those blinds for in there, k?  And whether it was actually my project all those years ago.

Speaking of blinds, years ago, I removed the blinds from my bathroom window and hung curtains.  With Owl here and the guys building their house next door where they can look right in my bathroom window, we went looking for the blinds I took down.  Can't find them any-frickin-where.  (Looking for blinds is what prompted Hubs to hang the garage blinds.  Too bad they were too big for my bathroom.)  Anyway, he sacrificed the blinds off his bathroom window for the girl's room.  What a guy.

All the shopping I did so I wouldn't have to go out again for a month?  I forgot to pick up a 90-day card for my cell phone.  I have 8 days left.  A Dollar General run is scheduled for Monday when I'll have to go to the bank anyway.  It's all good.  Maybe they'll have the few things I also forgot at Wallyworld - like pizza sauce.  (Bought the fixin's for pizza, but no sauce.)

Last night. we had a bit of fun.  Owl decided she wanted to go for a walk at dusk.  I asked her to be back before dark.  She wasn't.  And when I called her cell phone, she didn't pick up.  Well, crap.  So I got in the car and went looking for her.  (She's a city gal now and I wondered whether she realized how incredibly dark it gets here.)  When I got to the T, I had a choice - go right toward the highway or left toward the other neighborhood.  I chose right.  No Owl there.  So I backtracked and went down the other way.  No Owl.  About halfway back to the house, my cell phone was vibrating in my pocket, so I pulled over to answer it, but it had stopped ringing by the time I got it out.  I figured it was Home calling to say she'd made it back, but in the dark, I misdialed and then I got frustrated and went home.  It buzzed again as I was pulling into the driveway, darn thing.  Anyway, she was home.  She'd gone left and by the time I got back to the intersection, she was already past where I would see her heading for home.  Comedy of errors.  I mean, it wasn't funny last night, but it is now.  And she didn't answer her phone because she ran out of juice - so no phone and no light.  It must've been kind scary out there in the dark with things rustling all around her.  On the bright side, it really is beautiful out here at night.  Orion was brighter than I've seen him in years.

In worldly news, both sides of the aisle have now gone nuts - with one side calling for tighter restrictions for longer and the other side wondering why we needed all these restrictions when the cases are way lower than predicted.  (Umm, they might be lower because of the restrictions - just sayin'.  But more restrictions over the next 18 months isn't going to do anyone any good.)  And Bill Gates can cram his idea of tagging people like Jews in WWII up his gold-plated butt.

In the local paper, they had a post from the sheriff.  He stated firmly that his men will not be pulling people over to ask them why they're out and about.  They will not be taking calls from people reporting other people for not adhering to the rules, either.  I love our sheriff and I'm glad I voted for him.  Everybody needs to chill the hell out and use their freakin' heads.  Six feet isn't that hard to guesstimate and you can still talk to people from six feet away.  Sheesh.

Anyway, that's all from me today?  How are things with you?  What honey-dos are you getting done during the chaos?

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  1. I won't mention the blinds in the box in a corner of the garage that were supposed to go up over the long row of windows in Florida room that we bought about a year after moving in. (Which is over 20 years ago...)

    LG switched out the faucet in the full bath lavatory. It was fine but didn't have much pressure and he uses that bathroom for "stuff." In the meantime, we've had the new faucet for my kitchen sink for six months and it's STILL LEAKING!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🤦‍♀️ I don't do plumbing but I'm about to watch YouTube How-tos to figure it out!

    Politicians should be...something'd. I'm sick of their bickering. Both sides!

    I'm thinking about pulling out an old manuscript, that's pretty much finished, and putting it up as a free read--a chapter a week or something--either on FB or my website as a way to give back to my readers. It's one I probably would never publish because it's out of date (written in the 90s!) and I'm not sure I could update it and be happy with it. Something to ponder. 🤔

    Not much else going on around here. Life hasn't changed all that much for me, oether than not getting to see the kids, meet them for lunch at our fave restaurant, and stuff like that. I do my thing, LG does his thing and we occasionally meet in the kitchen when we're both refilling coffee cups and for dinner.

    Hang in there. The new normal will get easier. And you know how to find me if you feel a rant coming on. I'm totally there for you! 😏😷🥰