Friday, April 3, 2020

The Chaos Diaries - 4/3/20

Not really that chaotic a post today.  Just life as we now know it.

I'm dropping into some kind of stasis where I just get over it.  Music too loud?  Get over it.  Noise at night?  Get over it.  News all bad and not getting better?  Get over it.  My little corner of the world not as tidy as it used to be?  Get over it.  Out of milk?  Get over it.

Okay, that last one is something I can do something about.  Kinda.  I have to go out today and get cigarettes* so since I'm already breaking self-isolation protocols, I'll see what the Dollar General has available for milk and eggs and other things we're getting low on already.  Food stores purchased for two now stretching to feed three and all that. 

The Night Owl made dinner the other night.  Chicken alfredo.  It was really good.  And all I could think of afterward was how the meal had depleted my cheese stores.  Yesterday, she asked if she could make herself an egg for breakfast and I was all like no.  Maybe if I find eggs at the store today, she can have one for breakfast tomorrow.

I lost seven pounds last month. 

Recently, I read an article wherein I learned this isn't stress.  It's anxiety.  Cool.  Always good to have the right name for the thing. 

Right now, we have extra channels on Direct TV.  From the Premium line up when we only have Choice.  I've been watching a lot of DIY and Oxygen and Destination.  They're also throwing us bones of pay movie channels here and there, but there's never anything to watch on those.  Still, nice to have other options.

And that's about it for now.  This weekend, I'll do the usual Saturday Reading Wrap-up and Sunday Update posts.  We'll see what the weekend brings and whether I do another Diary post on Monday.

Meanwhile, how's the chaos treating you lately?

* Don't go there.  Seriously.  Quitting is not an option.  The safety of mankind depends on my continuing to smoke.


  1. Tomorrow is Baseball Boy's birthday. Yeah...won't be celebrating. We'll have a big dinner when this mess is done.

    LG is having trouble finding his brand. Quitting is not an option for him either.

    It's cold and yucky today. I can almost see my wisteria blooms shriveling as I type this.

    When LG and I were out one day this week, we saw a little old man wearing a bright yellow hooded environmental "suit." With a mask and gloves. I understand his caution but I don't think he realizes that every germ he picks up on that suit and gloves is transferred to everything he touches. Better to touch with bare hands and wash/Purell/wipe. People don't get that they just spread stuff if they don't replace the gloves and/or wash them just like hands. *sigh* I reminded LG of that when he went for gas because the pump handle. He went in and got paper towels with hand sanitizer on them, after washing his hands. Then he cleaned his steering wheel and door handle. It's never ending but he's even more medically compromised than I am, even though I'm 6 years older.

    Okay, enough downer. We had a lovely day with Stormy. The weather is supposed to start getting nicer after this front scoots on through today and tonight. I want sunshine!

    Not sure how they'll handle LIVE PD. LIVE PD: WANTED has going to working off computers with taped earlier "live events." Special edition could be everyone on their computer with "earlier" videos that never made it on-air live. We'll find out in a few hours.

    My hands smell like Spice essential oil. Reminds me of Christmas. Don't ask why. 🤣

    I think I put on the seven pounds you lost! You can have them back. Of course, if LG would STOP bringing home chocolate peanut clusters... (Yeah, he's trying to be nice, cheer me up, and be a good husband, but...those suckers are my Krptonite!)

    I'm turning into a statistical nerd. I loved my statistics class in college--after flunking out the first time. That one was taught by a math professor and speaking of Kryptonite! The next one was taught by a true social statistician. I aced it! And it's fascinating. Anyway, I've started tracking trends, looking for the bright side. It'll come. But I'm exposing my nerd side. That was one thing I loved about being a crime analyst--all the statistics and graphs and charts and tracking trends. I'll admit, I haven't pulled that out, just jutting a note on daily percentage changes on a yellow pad. It's interesting.

    Found out that my Care Act money will hit my direct deposit account automatically because Social Security. (We don't make enough taxable $$ to PAY taxes so IRS doesn't have our direct deposit info.) Hopefully, VA will do the same as SSA and LG will get his.

    Let's see...Loving my re-listen of the In Death books. Taking a break because a semi-comedic UF hit from the library, plus a fantasy I had on hold. Gotta get those listened to and returned because still a waiting list.

    All our physical libraries are closed. If I had the materials, I'd build a little cabinet and set up a "Little Free Library" and stock it with all those paperbacks I was going to send to VA with LG for the volunteer library there. Not sure how well that would go over here, though. Weird folks around and about.

    Okay. Time to move on. Just because it's a gray day out there doesn't mean I can't turn on lights and brighten up inside. Right? Hang in there. Stay home. Stay safe. Stay healthy. Later, tater!

  2. Congrats on your weight loss!

    Hmm. Anxiety sounds about right. Tight chest, gritted teeth, trying to hide in a book... Check. I'm hoping the whole thing will ease up when warm weather gets here. It's downright chilly at the moment.