Monday, April 13, 2020

The Chaos Diaries - 4/13/20

Easter went over without a hitch.  Of course, it's usually just the two of us and Owl is pretty self-encapsulated, so this year's Easter wasn't that different from other years.  The ham was certainly bigger.  Loads of leftover ham.

We ate around 1pm.  Then cake around 3.  Later, Hubs and Owl foraged for dinner.  And I totally forgot to eat dinner last night.  Derp.

I feel bad for my family in Michigan.  They get together every holiday - Mom and the sisters and my brother and their kids.  This was the first year in forever that no one could go to Mom's house except my middle sis who lives in the same building.  It's a tradition broken by this damn chaos.  I called Mom yesterday morning and wished her a Happy Easter, which has been my tradition for 18 years.  She's usually in the middle of making the big spread for the day and waiting for everyone to arrive.  This year, nothing.  I think Mid Sis was making the two of them a ham.

By now, you've probably heard about the power-mad governor of Michigan.  Hell, they were talking about it on the fishing forum down here, it's so nuts.  You can boat and fish, but only from non-motorized vessels?  Like the boat motor spreads King Flu or something?  You can't buy gardening stuff there?  Seeds are off limits, for pitysakes.  Okay, so you can probably get seeds online.  What's that going to do to the local gardening places?  And she wants to be vice-prez?  :shudder:  I feel bad for my family up there - they sure as hell didn't vote for Halfwit, but they're trapped by her policies.

Speaking of online, I ordered cat food from Amazon last month.  They keep saying it's going to arrive today, but it still doesn't show my order has even shipped.  We're still good for about 10 days (actually 19 - I forgot about the backup cans), but let's not push it, eh?   ** 10:30am update - got an email from Amazon that shipment has been delayed, but the link they provided still says it'll be here today.  No ETA on when it'll actually be here.

To add to the chaos, yesterday morning our internet went bonkers and then died.  Apparently, it was a large outage and not just us.  Scary shit.  We got it back around noon, after 5 hours, but being internet-less was not something any of us wanted.  My heartfelt thanks to all the people who worked on Easter to get us back online.

Hubs watched an old Yankees game last night.  When you're hard up for sports, that's what you have to do.  It was nice to see the old gang - Jeter, Posada, etc. - but it wasn't the same.  Personally, I'm sad that we had no Masters Tournament this year.  And the old Masters they were showing was last year's.  Boring.

How are you doing out there in chaos land?  Did you have a nice Easter?  Are you getting outside to enjoy Spring? 


  1. Did you all come through the storms okay? Scary on the outage. And wow! 🤯 over the "finer" details of what the Michigan governor is doing. I'd caught the No House-to-House visits. How the frick are at-risk people supposed to get necessities if people can't deliver? I hope voters remember this come November. Just sayin'...

    We're all good. Easter was just another Sunday for the most part. It's never been that big a deal in the family, beyond Easter basket for Stormy. We did get out to deliver presents to the Kids. Social distanced and didn't stay long but it was good to get out and see them.

    Not much else going on. I need to write but I just stare at the window. My brain doesn't want to brain. But it doesn't want to do anything else either so nothing constructive going on. And to illustrate how non-braining I am, it took me almost two minutes for my brain to form the word "constructive." I knew what I wanted to say but the correct word wasn't within mental reach. 😝

    Okay. Time to move onto the next task. Whatever that is. I really just want to crawl back into bed. Gonna fight that urge. Might not get anything done, but I won't pull the covers over my head because I don't want to deal.

    Hang in there and take care. I'm sooo ready for this to pass. 🥰

    1. We got wind and rain, but nothing too bad either way.

      :HUGS: I totally get the urge to hide in bed. And I'm sooo ready, too. Hang in there, hon. This'll pass... might be like a kidney stone, but it'll pass.