Tuesday, March 31, 2020

The Chaos Diaries - 3/31/20

Hubs and I were talking yesterday about, you guessed it, the chaos.  He's been watching the actual data and by his reckoning, the peak of this crap will coincide with the end of our food supplies.  So we decided the best bet would be to try and pick up some things now while the number of infected in our area is still low.  Since I had to go out anyway - bank stuffs - I extended the trip to include the closest dollar store.

Unfortunately, the mail with my paycheck didn't arrive until late morning.  I figured by that time anything really good would be gone, but I had to try.  Still no TP on the shelves.  No eggs.  No flour.  No evaporated milk*.

I did manage to get apple juice.  A necessity here since we don't drink soda anymore and a necessity for the digestive system.  Also purified water - for the cat.  And cat food - the last two boxes of Fancy Feast pate** which is the only kind she'll eat.  With what I already have, that'll last her until I can get more.

The thing that struck me as I shopped was the shell-shocked look on everyone's faces - probably mirrored in my own.  It was like footage you see after a disaster or a bombing raid.  

As I got into the checkout line, I noticed the guy in front of me had TP in his cart.  Then the gal who got in line behind me had TP, too.  I swear, I searched the store for it and came up empty.  So I asked the gal behind me.  She said you had to ask the checkout gal for it.  I stepped up to the register and the smiling cashier, made the usual polite conversation, and then mentioned the TP.  A thunder cloud came over her sunny disposition.  "If you want toilet paper, you're going to have to get out of line because I have to go to the back and get it and I'm not making all these people wait on you."

I collapsed in on myself and mumbled my apologies.  By this time, there were easily six people behind me, so I began to get out of the line.  That's when the gal behind me offered me her toilet paper, saying she'd be happy to go to the back of the line.  And then the gal two people behind her offered her toilet paper up to the first gal with the same idea.  The checkout gal relaxed and told me they have to be strict with the TP because people from out of state have been swooping in and raiding their shelves. 

We had also planned on hitting Walmart at 6am this morning because Tuesdays Walmart opens an hour early for anyone over 65 - and just those people, not their spouses.  After yesterday's run, I didn't have the heart to do it again today.  Sure, it would've been Hubs shopping alone and me waiting in the car, but I couldn't take the idea of another trip so soon.  So, we decided against it.  Which is good because it's after 6 and he's still sleeping.  And I'm letting him.

I had a nightmare last night that the eggs I have in the fridge actually expired*** last week.  Woke me right up.  Good thing, too, because I had forgotten to switch the thermostat back to heat after last week's AC usage, and it was freakin' cold in here.  I wonder if The Night Owl (the Kid) was shivering her buns off in her room.

Now, I decided to write all this out as a way to reach out to other people who may be experiencing similar stuff as a way to let them know they aren't alone.  Not as a 'woe is me' thing.  Looking at it this morning, I probably could tackle Wallyworld today.  Obviously not in time to do the Senior Shopping thing since it's almost 7 and it takes a half-hour to drive there, but I could do it.  I bounced back.  I always do. Some days the bouncing takes longer than others, but I do it.  You can, too.  :HUGS:

How are things with you?

* Evaporated milk can be reconstituted into milk.  Use a one to one ratio of water to EM, then taste it.  Add more water to thin it to your tastes.  It's not the best milk ever - like I wouldn't drink a whole glass of it  - but it works for having a bowl of cereal and using in recipes.

** When I checked Anazon yesterday morning, it was on back order until the middle of next month.  

*** Expired eggs can be checked.  If you drop an egg in water and it sinks to the bottom, it's good.  If it sits up, use it soon.  If it floats, throw it out.


  1. Keep checking Amazon for cat food. I got a fantastic price on Friskies and Fancy Feast a few months ago. I stocked up for the year! If I see those prices come down again I'll be sure to post it on my blog. Buying the food on Amazon has always been cheaper than buying it in the store.

    It's been over 2 weeks since I've been out, though hubby went out yesterday on a mercy run for me.

    I've had a bad sore throat for weeks (low fever). I knew it was most likely allergy related, but now my throat had become infected. I finally called my doctor and asked if they would just prescribe an antibiotic. She did. Today, I feel better. Not great, but better.

    We are slowly running out of fresh veggies and bread. I've been substituting where I can. I'm not in a hurry to go out just yet.

    Take care!

  2. I hit Wallyworld around 9:30 yesterday. They had everything on my list but for Clorox wipes. I figure those suckers are the Unicorn of items and lord knows I haven't been a virgin in *koff* years. 🦄

    Having senior hour at 6 a.m.? Stupid, IMO. Most of us have trouble driving in the dark and, baby, it's still dark at 6 a.m. 🌑

    I still need to get my DL renewed. I tried the online way yesterday. Uhm...no. I have to take a selfie and upload it, along with digital copies of my current DL. And then I have to wait for them to process and mail it. I know of at least 1 tag agency still open. I'm going to try the one we use today. If it's still closed (was closed yesterday when I went by about 10:30), I'll call my BiL to take me over to his client who runs an agency on the other side of the metroplex. 🚙

    We're getting Stormy tomorrow for lunch and afternoon to give Only a break. We probably should kidnap Baseball Boy too. Give her a REAL break! 🤯

    We're good on food. I'll need Diet Coke sooner than later. Cold soy milk lasts a long time in the fridge so I can stock up--which I do anyway so not breaking hoarding rules. I always buy 3 cartons at a time. 🤞

    Today is $10 pizza day. Gotta help out the local folks. Plus, it's $10 pizza day! 🍕

    Okay. I'm about done with my 2nd cup of coffee. Time to fix the hair, put on makeup, and head out to find a tag agency. Fun times. Let me know if you need cat food or evaporated milk**. I'll send a care package. 🥰

    **Dry milk isn't too bad for cooking. If you add chocolate syrup and crushed ice, it's okay for drinking too. 😉