Sunday, March 22, 2020

Sunday Update - Week 11

Well, it's been one hell of a week in the world and here in particular.

First off, I'm fine and so are all my loved ones. Or at least none of them are sick. 

No writing got done.  I did some editing last Sunday, but then my focus went almost entirely to either virus related things or escaping thinking about virus related things by reading or baking.

Wednesday, I heard from the Kid that they were closing her university, so the scramble came up to find a way to get her out of there before they kicked her out on the street.  My sister picked her up yesterday and took her to my mom's.  This coming Wednesday, Mom will take her to the airport and she'll fly down here.  She'll stay here until Fall when, hopefully, the school will reopen. 

To that end, we'll be working on rearranging the spare room (aka Kira's bedroom) into a more comfortable space for long-term living.  We'll move the bed so she doesn't have to share a wall with our bedroom, which means moving the dresser.  I've already emptied the dresser for her clothes and moved stuff around in the closet.  Kira will have to deal with her room being commandeered for the purpose of housing the troops. 

In the realm of virus related things, I found eggs and butter and vegetable oil when I took Hubs up to get his hair cut.  He had a nice chat with the barber and I did some shopping.  I also stocked up on cigarettes because I'm not sure how long the supply chain will keep working and my supplier will stay open. 

I have been dying to go fishing.  Unfortunately, it's been raining elephants and water buffalo lately.  Six inches of sky water in the past week and it's raining right now.  This makes the river and the lake all muddy and dirty and the fish go deep to avoid the crap, so no fishing for me right now. 

Right now, I am a flaming ball of stress.  The hamster in my head runs his wheel pretty regularly anyway, but he's got his whole family up there now and they're all running on their wheels.  Sleep is like trying to catch smoke.  We're napping when we can.

The cat is unaffected (well, except for the room stuff).  So are the deer.  All they care about is whether there's food. 

Yesterday, amidst waiting to hear how the Kid pick-up and move worked out and stressing about that, I did our taxes.  Umm, yay?  Then I paid bills.  woohoo?  Then I told Hubs I was done braining for the day.  Later, I was online booking flights, so I guess I wasn't done braining.  Got a one-way from Flint to Chicago to Springfield in the middle of the day so no one has to drive in the dark.  Fun thing about crossing time zones - she leaves Flint at 11:40am and gets to Chicago at 11:59am.  Heh.

In totally non chaotic news, my crocuses are blooming.  The lilac has little leaves.  The hydrangea leaves are getting ready to unfurl.  There are green seedlets on the elms and the black cherry trees are starting to show green, too.  Spring doesn't care about no damn virus or the panicking of humans.  Life goes on.

And it'll go on for us, too.  Might be a little weird for all of us for a while, but this, too, shall pass.  Hang in there.  :hugs:

How was your week?


  1. Oddly, my week was fairly normal. Other than waking up Thursday and freaking out that it was Friday and my Friday Sinema post hadn't gone live so I made it live. Then realized it was Thursday so I had to delete it. I wasn't braining, obviously.

    We're stocked up. We have critter food, people food, and the like. We are doing take out from favorite--and usual weekend--places to help them out.

    Having LG underfoot is a...treat. He did replace the lavatroy faucet in the full bathroom. The lines were pretty groady from the hard water. Sadly, I REALLY need him to replace the kitchen sink faucet because that's the one leaking onto the counter and beneath the cabinets. *sigh*

    Today is Stormy's b-day. His party is cancelled and he has a sad, obviously, but understands. We're going over this afternoon to take prezzies and share his St. Paddy's Day cookie cake (which he picked out LOLOL). I need to find b-day sacks to "wrap" his presents.

    Not much writing for me. I'm not used to humans underfoot. It's distracting.

    Gotta do better this next week. Looks like the rain will go away after today and temps will warm. Hope you can go fishing at some point. Hang in there!

    My new phrase for the year: This, too, shall pass.

    Later, tater.

  2. Many hugs over the weirdness of life lately. I'm glad the Kid will be home safe soon.

    We had 6" rain over 4 days, too. Tomorrow is supposed to be warmer and drier. The magnolia seems almost done with blooming, and everything else is starting to leaf out. And my grass is greening! Yay! Hmm, yay? That means it will need mowing soon.

    I finally got all the wording from my current 1880 source typed in, and 2 months of illustrations scanned in. Only 4 months left to scan. Oh, and 6 months' worth to clean up. Eek. But it's almost time to start looking at 1881!