Thursday, March 26, 2020

Thursday This n That - But Mostly That

It was a gorgeous day in the Ozarks yesterday. The sun was shining, the birds were singing, the tail winds way up high were advantageous.  The drive to the airport went well, her flights were all early, and the drive back was fine.  We made it home forty-five minutes early than expected. 

The roads were not as empty as I would've thought - plenty of people still out and about.  The traffic in Republic (a suburb of Springfield) was surprisingly heavy for 1:30pm on a Wednesday during the plague.  The airport, on the other hand, was creepy.  No hustle, no bustle.  Ghost town quiet.  All the little stores on the outside of the security checkpoint were closed.  The restaurant was closed.  Totally weird.  One airport worker I spoke with said he's been there ten years and has never seen it that quiet.  Lucky for me, I'm self-entertaining.  Also lucky that I didn't have to wait too awfully long.  Bored bored bored.  And the bench seating was too uncomfortable to sit and read.  I saw two people wearing masks.  Otherwise, the few people who I did see and/or talk to were social distancing. 

The only issue I had was that once I left home, there were no places to stop for a potty break until I got to the airport.  Fast food is drive-thru only and some places aren't letting customers use their bathrooms anymore.  Okay, I could've swung into the Wallyworld, but gah, who wants to go into one of those right now if you don't have to?

Purell is my friend.  (Actually, off-brand hand sanitizer is my friend, but Purell is a shorter word.)

Coffee is also my friend.

With all the rain we've gotten the river and the lake are swollen.  Not super-bad floody but definitely will make fishing interesting when I finally get to go.

In general, spirits are okay out there in the world.  I spent some time thanking people for doing their jobs amidst this crap.  The parking lot attendant was confused when I thanked him.  He sits in a box all day only interacting with people when they come out of the lot, but hey, he's doing his job. 

I hope your spirits are okay out there.  I'm doing a little better now that the Kid is safe here. 

Got any this n that for me today? 


  1. Whew! Glad she's home! Gah on no potty breaks. That's it. I'm not going any further than the time it takes to get home so I can pee.

    Windows are open. I love fresh air. Love listening to the birds. Loki has become a sill-sitter.

    Not getting much work done. It's weird having LG underfoot. Also, Only gets board or tired of her two "kids" and texts or calls in-between projects. She's close to not having actual work from the office to do but the company is keeping everyone on, just at reduced salary.

    The feral cats are weird. One day, they're all there. Then for three days there's only two of them. This morning, all but one was there. Cats.

    I miss Starbucks. All the ones around me have closed. I'm sorry for the baristas and I hope the company is paying them rather than laying them off.

    I cleaned my office--sort of--yesterday. I was looking for a 1099 and thought maybe I'd tossed it into one of my paperpiles on/around my desk. Nope. But I did get a pile that was 8 inches tall down to fitting in my actual inbox and I can see wood on my actual desk.

    Speaking of desks, LG has appropriated the dining room table as his office. I offered to clear the work table in the library to let him set up in there where there's less traffic and better natural light. He just stared at me over the tops of his reading glasses. Grrr.

    And...that's all the this I have today. Hang in there. Adjust. Enjoy. Go fishing. I need more coffee. Later, tater.

  2. Yay! I'm so glad she's home safely!

    Churchill no longer believes in magic sprinkles, but he loves a little warm water poured on his soft food.

    Mom can't stand to stay at home any longer -- she insists we MUST go shopping tomorrow. Boohoooooo! Well, she lasted a week and a half, and I think that's a record.

    The only good part of going to town is the bookstore, and I'm pretty sure it's closed. Sigh.

    My glasses frames are now held together with tape, and I heard on the radio the quick-glasses place is closed.

    The sun is shining, and it's supposed to get up to the mid-80s. Lots of wild flowers are blooming. My trees and bushes are all leafing out. What a beautiful day!