Sunday, March 8, 2020

Sunday Update - Week 9

Hi!  Thanks for stopping by!  Here is the week that was.

I started off the week by finishing the round of edits on Ugly and the Beast and sending it out to peoples.  Now I wait.  And while I'm waiting, I made some good strides in writing Cinder Ugly this week.  I was up about 7K words by Thursday night, then I took Friday night off to watch Live PD.  Then last night, my hands were too squonky to write, so I had to take it off, too.  Better luck tonight.

In marketing news, UNEQUAL is still free through today.  I've been posting things on FB and have moved X copies as of the writing of this post.  To that end, a friend of mine took some time out of her busy schedule to make me a pretty graphic:
SQUEE!  It's way the hell better than anything I could've done.  I'd pay her to do all my books, but, yeah, budget.

In other marketing news, the SCIU books will go on sale Wednesday.  99c each.  Woohoo.

Other than that, I did a little reading - very little.  I only finished one book and got about a third of the way through another.  When the writing goes up, the reading goes down.  =o\

Of course, I baked stuff.  More applesauce bread.  Yay!  I need to do a batch of oatmeal cookies today.  We'll see.

Last Sunday, I went fishing.  I finally caught a fish!  It was only a 5" bluegill, but it's better than getting skunked again.  I meant to go fishing Friday, but... :shrug:

Instead of fishing, I was uncovering my garden beds for Spring.  Those poor plants were getting all funky from hiding under the leaves.  They'll do better now.  Even though Hubs helped yesterday, I didn't get all the beds done yet.  It's a pain in the back (and the wrists and the legs and the feet) to do it, so I do it a bed at a time.  Four beds down, two to go.  (One bed doesn't need uncovering, since it never got covered to begin with.)

In diet and activity news, well, I bought ice cream.  And I ate it all.  :shrug:  I went almost two months - missed it by a day - and I didn't really see a change in my weight or how I felt.  We'll see if I start buying ice cream again.  Maybe.  Maybe not.  No weight lost this week and the activity was mostly clearing the gardens.  Now that the weather is getting warmer, I need to start walking every day again.

And that's it for me.  How are things in your world?

ETA:  Gah.  Totally forgot that it was going to be the hell of time-changing this morning.  Will they never stop this madness?


  1. There is a bill in the House. I think. I don't care if they make it Daylight Savings Time year-round or return it to Standard Time like Nature intends it to be. JUST LEAVE IT THE EFFING-FREAK ALONE!

    Send me some favorite quotes or lines for SICU books. My brain occasionally needs to look at pretty pictures and play.

    Supposed to rain tonight and be all almost-summer for the next few days and then the cold comes back. Ugh.

    I did stuff yesterday. Then napped. Majorly. I obviously needed the sleep.

    Have I mentioned I hat DST?

    I think you need to go fishing. Just sayin'... Have a great week!

  2. I love your new ad! Very cool!

    Gardening! I haven't done any, but my magnolia is blooming like crazy. Usually the wind tears up all the blossoms, but it's coming from the south (so far) and the house is protecting them. Yay!

    I have my fingers crossed they'll pass that bill. I don't care if they go with SDT or DST, JUST STOP CHANGING IT AROUND!

    It's been a weird week. I got almost no work done. But Churchill is doing much better, Mom doesn't have skin cancer, and I'm in the middle of a really cool book -- I hope to get notes to you tomorrow. :-)