Sunday, March 29, 2020

Sunday Update - Week 12

Well, there went another week in 2020.  Week 12 of the year, Week... what?  2?  3?  of the madness. 

Still unable to think about writing or editing.  I had hoped that once I got the Kid here and settled in, the flow would start again.  Umm...

Also, no marketing.  I can't seem to bring myself to jump into the fray of 'hey, your world is falling apart, but here's a book to entertain you while you wait'.  I know books help take everyone's minds off this, but...  :shrug:

Speaking of reading, I finished three books last week with no DNFs.  Which is kind of amazing since for the first half of the week, I couldn't seem to focus on anything.  Actually, I finished two of those books on Friday, so if not for the last half of the week, my reading would've been sad.

In other news, you might have seen that the Kid is living here now.  So far, so good.  She's spending most of her time doing her college course work and keeping in touch with friends online.  Yesterday, she baked us up an apple Bundt cake that was pretty good.  I keep having to remind myself that while she is MY child, she is no longer A child.  She's been living on her own for 7 years.  If she doesn't do dishes the way I do dishes, so what?  "Chill out,you control freak,," I says to myself, "at least she's doing the dishes." Which is what I'm doing - chilling out.  =o)

In case you haven't guessed, we're now under self-isolation.  It really sucks not being able to go anywhere.  Sure, I've had 7-10 day stretches where I didn't leave the house.  But that was by choice.  And sure, we're able to take walks and junk.  But not being able to get in the car and scoot over to the store is driving me crazy.  I did manage to finally see my bestest in-person friend on Thursday.  It was through the drive-thru window at the bank, but it was better than nothing.  We chatted until someone pulled up behind me.  She and her husband and their extended families are well.

So far, I still don't personally know anyone who's sick and only know two people who know people who are sick.  Fingers crossed it stays that way.  Of course, the number of people I communicate with on a regular basis dropped precipitously in 2016, so my numbers are only anecdotal.

Got a call from Mom on Friday.  Which is weird - she never calls here, I call her and we'd spoken that morning.  She's fine.  She was making my chocolate oil cake and I forgot to put in the recipe whether to grease the pan.  You can, but you don't need to.  

Okay, that's probably enough out of me.  Hopefully, I'll have more interesting and writerly things to talk about next Sunday.  :fingers crossed:

How are things with you?


  1. Things are mostly normal for me. Except all the near-by Starbucks are closed. That was my get-out-of-the-house speak-to-live-people excursion. LG and I are still making periodic grocery runs and we're doing a little take-out from our two favorite restaurants to help them out. Jake is sad that he doesn't get to go into stores. Too big of a people-magnet. He does get to ride in the car when I get out for a food dash.

    I remember when Only moved home and then Baseball Boy moved in. It took some adjustment. Eventually, they moved out. If they ever have to move back in, it'll be tight with the addition of Stormy, but we'd manage. It's what families do.

    You're adjusting to the small stuffs. Hey, the Kid made a cake! And cleaned up. Awesome! You did good, Mom.

    Now is a good time to walk in the woods--carrying a big stick to fend off snakes and people. 😉 Go fishing. Spend time on the deck reading, drinking coffee and having a smoke.

    Eventually, life will return to normal. It might be a new normal, but it will be normal. We'll learn to refocus the writerly side of our brains. I won't startle when LG suddenly appears behind me. He'll get used to my audio books--or learn to make sure I'm looking at him and take out the earplugs because I'm being nice and not blasting my audio books because he's on a phone call.

    Adaptation. Humans are fairly decent about getting it done.

    Also, we're all well. We do know someone--vaguely. An attorney LG knows, early 40's, in ICU. This isn't just an old-people virus.

    Hang in there. You know where I am if you need to virtually rant. LOL Later, tater!

  2. It's funny how not being able to get out when we want to -- even when we normally DON'T want to -- is so grating.

    An online friend has it. I haven't heard from her in our Etsy forum in a couple of days.

    I got 8 illustrations done this week. And enough gardening to thoroughly wear me out. ;-)