Wednesday, March 25, 2020

The Kid's Coming Home

Since I have nothing writerly to talk about today, I'm posting here instead of at OTB.

About noon-thirty, I'll be heading up to the airport to get Kiley (the Kid).  Hubs checked the car out, made sure all the fluid levels are good, checked the air in the tires (which are relatively new), etc.  I gassed up yesterday, so no stops between here and there.  Might run through a drive thru on the way back because I'm pretty sure she won't have time to eat lunch along the way.  If all goes well, we should be home by 5.

I feel really bad for her.  In the space of a week, her whole world has been turned upside down.  And she was finally back on track.  But she'll weather through.  We'll help her weather through.  Patience and kindness.

Hubs and I spent some time over the last couple days moving the spare room around so it's less 'guest room' than 'Kiley's room'.  Then we cleaned the house.  Not full-on 'we've got guests coming' clean, but tidy enough for us.  She's not a guest.  She's family.  And it's not like she'll be going around with a white glove.  Then we set up an extra chair in the living room because typically, we only have two chairs because there are only two people here.  We're ready for the Kid to arrive.

The cat is adjusting already.  She's a pretty chill, little fur person.

I expect this will take some adjustment for all of us.  We haven't lived together for 7 years.  She's a full-grown adult and junk now.  We've become more set in our ways.  She's used to bustle and city life.  We're hermits.  Patience and kindness.

And once she's here, we'll be hunkering down.  Oh, there will still be outings - going to the lake, taking walks, etc.  Banking still needs to be done (via drive-thru).  Might need to get gas again, depending on the number of trips to the lake.  Everywhere else is off limits for at least the next few weeks. 

But we have cake.  And the makings for pizza.  We have plenty of food that will stretch to feed three instead of the planned-for two.  We'll survive. 

I joked with her yesterday that she gets to spend Spring Break with the old folks... err cool kids.  ;o)

Patience and kindness.  And a big dose of humor. 

How are things in your world right now?  Hanging in there?  :HUGS:


  1. You might ask her to take a shower as soon as she gets in your house. When I was forced to be surrounded by people in a store or at the ER, I stripped in the garage and went straight to the shower. There's no telling what I might've touched or touched me and my clothes. Wipe down seat belts and door knobs in your car too.

    I'm glad she's home though, and safe.

  2. Echoing Maria. It seems the virus also clings to hair and clothing, as well as metal and plastic. This is why Jake no longer gets to go into places with me. He's too big a draw--people want to pet! Giving him a bath is a pain (literally and figuratively) and it's not fair to him. So he goes for rides but doesn't get out.

    Y'all will adjust, hopefully the Kid's uni is going on-line and she can finish the semester. By the time for next semester rolls around, hopefully, this stuff will be old news and we can all get back to our normal lives.

    Which isn't all that different for me. 😊

    1. Aww, poor Jake. This is hard on them that don't understand - Jake and Stormy for two. :hugs:

      Her courses are online now, so she will be able to finish the semester from here. She took a test on Monday from Mom's office but then they closed Michigan, so she missed her class yesterday. Everything will be online here because we have wifi.

      It has to be done by then or we might as well roll up the country and call it a day.

      LOL, yeah, not that different from usual around here either. We were practicing social-distancing long before it was necessary. ;o)

  3. Hugs to all three of you (four, with Kira). At least she can keep up with her classes until school reopens.

    One benefit of being a hermit out in the boonies is that little has changed here. Fewer shopping trips = yay!

    I hope things get back to close-to-normal for all of us soon.

    1. Thanks, Deb! Yeah, she's all set, which is good because she has class tomorrow.

      Yay for hermitude!

      You and me both. :hugs:

  4. You'll feel better having her with you (because Moms are like that, LOL), but I'm sorry her life has been severely disrupted just when she got on the best track for her. However, we will all get through this.

    Take care!

    1. I sure do feel better, Jenn. And she'll weather this. We all will.

      Take care, too! :hugs: