Friday, March 27, 2020

The New Normal

Man, my internet is slow today.  I think in this time where internet usage is up like 70% (per something Hubs read) that the big sites like Facebook should scale down their bells and whistles so the sites actually load again.  Of course, it might just be me.  This is like our usual summer slow down.  Loads of typically summer people and weekenders are here for the duration.  Why not?  If they have to shelter in place, it's better to do it here than whatever city they live near.  Also, now we have 3 computers sucking bandwidth on the modem in the house.  :shrug:  So if you see me less, that's why.  Kid needs the internet for her classes.  Hubs needs the internet for his work.  I rarely need the internet for more than to entertain my brain.  I can read or watch the tube for that.  The few times I have to do stuff, I can wait until one or the both of them are done for the day.

This is the new normal.  I'd really like to go back to the old normal.  Please.

Yesterday, I introduced the Kid to The Match Game.  "Big money Match Game 78! With your star, Gene Rayburn!"  Applause applause applause.  It's on The Game Show Network from noon to one Central.  I love that show.  It's so not politically correct.  I also introduced her to The Chase.  Love that show, too.  I wish they were still in production.  Game shows... they're what to watch when everything else sucks.  Almost total escapism. 

Speaking of The Game Show Network, they have a new commercial where they talk about watching their shows during social isolation and then the camera pans back to show 6 people all sitting on two couches watching together and having fun. And I'm all like 'where's the separation?!  they're too close to each other!'

This, too, is the new normal.

I also find myself thinking 'do I really need to eat that?' because with the self-isolation, we're staying away from stores and anything I eat will need to be replaced down the road eventually.  Yesterday, the Kid was all like 'would you mind if I ate an egg?' because eggs are hard to come by.  Before this, I would've been all like 'if you want an egg, eat an egg'.  Which I did say, but after a long pause while I calculated what I might need that egg for before I can get out to buy more eggs.

This will pass.  This isn't like the USSR where you had to stand in line every day all day for years to get an egg.  Not yet anyway.

Let's try to make sure this new normal isn't a permanent normal and get back to the old normal as quickly as possible.  K?

How are you all doing out there? 


  1. You could always build a small coop and get a couple of chickens... *ducks and runs*

    Ooh! And a vegetable garden!

    We have high-speed and ours is slow too. Everyone is home and a large portion of the neighborhood uses AT&T U-verse. Or Cox. Everyone is complaining on the Nextdoor app. 🙄 Get over it people!

    Glad the Kid made it and you are a good mom/wife for giving them the bandwidth. Time to go fishing? Also, truly sorry the lake people have crawled out of the slime to hide in your neck of the woods. That's a bummer.

    We're doing fine. LG has commandeered the dining room. He's all set up for business, which he is slowly shutting down for a full retirement for...reasons. I told him I'd set up the library as an office for him but nooooo. Since we don't eat at the table and it's close to the family room TV so he can listen while he works....*sigh* Men. Gotta love 'em.

    New worry--if the recovery act passes and the goverment starts making direct deposits based on IRS info, what happens to those of us who don't have (or haven't had) refunds coming? Do we have to wait on a check? We file but don't have to pay taxes on what was made over the tax-exempt income so we don't "pre-pay," so therefore no refund. My brain just broke. Ugh.

    We hit 92 yesterday. Supposed to hit 85 today. And it's HUMID! Welcome to summer. What happened to spring?

    Bottom line, we're doing okay. Warped humor and sarcasm still in place. We're glad that though we live in a big city (the suburbs anyway), OKC metro is all spread out. We don't live on top of each other like other big cities. As I look at the hot spots cropping up, this is a blessing.

    Stay well. Stay safe. Enjoy the extended family time. Read. Fish. Watch your game shows. Write when you can brain it. Bake (if you don't use eggs...) *ducks and runs again*. This too shall pass. Hopefully sooner than later! 🥰

  2. My BIL wants to build a chicken coop. My sister has him busy with so many projects, I doubt it will happen. Between the hawks and the coyotes, chickens don't last long here.

    Mom lasted 10 days, but insisted today she HAD to go shopping. She wasn't kidding! The cart was overflowing.

    The store wasn't too crowded (we got there earlier than usual), and everybody was pleasant. I'm hoping my new normal is nicer people! :-)