Saturday, March 14, 2020

Saturday Reading Wrap-up - 3/14/20

Hello.  Welcome to the Saturday Reading Wrap-up.  Not a huge reading week and I don't really have any excuses.  The two DNFs didn't take up too much time.  I could've read more.  :shrug:  On the upside, the two I did finish were both new to me and underappreciated.

I picked up four new ebooks this week - romance, 2 fantasies, and a mystery.  I still have two left from before - suspense and romance.  I hope to get through more of those this week and find some more new ones, too.

Books Read:

23) Finny's Star by Sam Bartram (3/13/20) - MG Adventure/Mystery*# - 4 stars.  New to me and underappreciated.  Free through the Kindle / Book Club FB group.
Review: "It's just a nice book to read - good characters, a fun plot, and an ending that made me smile. Just what I needed. And I'd be happy to have any young person read this one."
Note: If you're thinking of this one for your young person, the protagonist is 13, so maybe not quite MG, but not YA either.  Read it first and then decide.  And there's not really anything to make this not G rated - maybe some deeper stuff like dealing with death - but there are large words.  If your kid is ready for words like 'ostentatious', then go for it.

22) Retribution: Lucky's Mercs #1 by Joshua James (3/9/20) - SF*# - 5 stars.  New to me and underappreciated.  Got this one free off the Book Barbarian newsletter.
Review: "This is a kick-ass SF with awesome characters and a particularly nasty bad-guy. Loved it!"


3/10/20 - suspense.  Okay, that was weird.  This was a later work from one of my favorite authors, but man, it was like a newbie who just had to get every bit of research they'd done on the background topic in so they didn't feel like they had wasted time researching.  It was awful.  I really didn't need a doctoral dissertation on the industry to understand the story.  Seriously.   And seriously bummed.  Blerg.  Note to self: don't read anything by him written in or after 1979.

3/9/20 - western.  I picked this 1978 paperback up cheap at the thrift store because the title amused me.  It might've been good if the author hadn't been anti-pronoun.  Sort of like 'John did this.  John did that.  Mike came in and John shot Mike before Mike could draw his gun.'  He was also very into detailed but unnecessary description.  Too much so.  Blerg.

Currently reading...  I snagged the cozy mystery I still had on my unread ebook list from earlier in the month.  So far, so good.

What was your reading week like?


  1. I've finished 55 books on my GR challenge. I finished listening to the last 3 books in the Kate Daniels series, including the one "intervening" book that is supposed to be the 1st in a new trilogy, with no word re: the next in that series. Ah well. Favorite authors and series, and MAGIC TRIUMPHS was the last book. *sniffle*

    Moving on, I grabbed an Audible Only Original SF that was free, THE MESSENGERS, by playwrite Lindsay Joelle. It was...different. Thought-provoking. Surprising. 5 stars. New to me, but not underappreciated.

    I also read a certan authors ARC. It'll be 5 stars when it releases. 😉

    Currently, I'm almost finished with NAKED IN DEATH. This is my chicken soup book/series. It'll be done this morning and not sure where I'll go next. I might continue with the Eve Dallas/In Death series or look for something new. My library holds are still weeks out. The new books on my wish list aren't out yet. Tis a delimma.

    Happy reading! With the rain, it's a good time for coffee and a good book. 😎

    1. You're way ahead of me in books, but you always are you reading demon you. Bummer about the last book by a favorite author. =o(

      Yay for a new-to-you book!


      LOL about you and NAKED IN DEATH. It's too cool that it's your chicken soup book though. Good luck finding something to read!

      Yeah, let's not talk about the rain, shall we? I got very wet today. The coffee was good this morning and the book this evening was good until the end when it just sort of... stopped. I need to figure out what I'm going to read next. Paperback or ebook... suspense or SF or mystery or... Well, let's say I have a lot of things to choose from. =o)