Tuesday, March 3, 2020

Scatterbrained Again

I'm still pretty scatterbrained again.  It's an editing / writing thing with me.  The more my brain is fixated on writing or editing, the less I'm able to focus my efforts into a longer thought stream about non-writing related things.

Another thing that happens when I've been editing is the urge to edit everything.  Stuff I'm writing, stuff I'm reading, stuff I'm saying, stuff other people are writing or saying (which includes newspapers, ads, tv shows, news, and commercials) - nothing can escape my editbrain.  Luckily most of the corrections I make stay in my head.  And otherwise, Hubs is the only one to hear it and he's used to it.  The cat don't care.

Speaking of the cat, we've settled into a nice 5-6 hour litterbox schedule now.  As long as I wake up around 2-3am and take her to the litterbox, life is good.  And we haven't had any accidents since I started this. 

We heard an owl last night.  It was a great-horned.  They're so cool.

I broke my vow yesterday and bought ice cream.  And I ate a bowl as soon as I got home.  Almost made it two months without ice cream.  Actually today would've been two months.  I picked up something called Candybar Crunch- which I've had before.  It's not as good as I remembered.  I should've just gone with chocolate or vanilla, but if I was going to break my streak, it was going to be with something special.  Oh well. 

Last night, I wrote almost 2900 words.  I just sat down and started writing, without thinking about where it was going or what I was going to do.  Woo, getting all those words out was a relief and I really like where I headed.  Whether any of it makes sense in the whole scheme of the story will be decided in edits.

Why do I keep thinking it's Wednesday???  Argh.

How's your brain these days?  Scattered?  Walking the straight and narrow?  Gone?  Talk to me, people.  Give me the skinny.

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  1. Brain? What is this thing of which you speak? Mine is a combination of fried cheese curds and Swiss cheese. And what little bandwidth I have? Yeah, I automatically critique the written word. Saw a national news story yesterday and cringed. Somebody was "taking the reigns." 🤦‍♀️

    Sadly, though, where I see stuff wrong with other's words? Mine...not so much. 🤣

    I've got some reading to do today. I'm psyched! Later, tater. Oh, and congrats on the mighty word count! 😎