Sunday, May 10, 2020

Sunday Update - Week 18

Sorry I'm late.  I forgot to write this and schedule it.  Then I slept in unintentionally.  Now you're stuck with me first thing in my morning.  Blarg.  (Which is monster sized blerg.)

After I got Ugly and the Beast out into the world, I did some post-publication stuff and then lost the gumption to do anything else.  Yesterday, I poked myself in the butt and got 2400 words out on Cinder Ugly.  More of that today definitely.

I did some minor marketing on FB.  Crickets.  Since publication, I've sold 1 whole book and 1 book through KU.  :shrug:  I'll keep working on CU and see what happens after the complete trilogy is published.  Couldn't hurt, eh?

I only read one book last week, but it was a good one.

In baking news, I did another batch of Incredible Chocolate Chunk Cookies - which chips instead of chunks this time.  And I made a chocolate oil cake yesterday with peanut butter frosting.  Yummers.  And I did a BBQ pork roast and turned it into pulled pork to rave reviews.

I think we figured out the slowness of our internet.  It wasn't the neighbors - all apologies to them for my wrongful accusations.  It was Owl, downloading games while she sleeps, which is while we're up and trying to do things online.  I asked her to keep her downloading to the weekends and our mornings have been fine until yesterday morning and this morning. 

My previously peeked columbine got big and bloomed.  It's red with a yellow center.  So pretty.  The white one that was doing fine last year died.  The black one is still going strong. 

Kira Kitty went to the vet, much to her dismay.  She's on the road to recovery.  Two days left of the antibiotics and she's breathing almost normally again.  And she pooped like a champion yesterday.  Yeah, it is strange that I get excited over whether a cat poops and how much she poops.  If you've ever had a geriatric cat, you understand.

Not much on the activity front last week.  I went fishing once and walked once.  Weight: 173.0.  Nine and a half pounds down for the year.  Yay.

The fishing was good.  I went out before dawn on Thursday and caught three undersized bass.  Almost caught a good-sized one, but it threw the lure.  C'est la vie.

Other than that, not much going on.  We're still all well, as are our families.

How's things with you?


  1. It was a week. Not much happened. I did final-final-FINAL draft and submitted the short story. I find out in August. 🤞

    Dinner out with the Kids last night. Yayayay! 😋

    I listened to some books. Live PD is back to 3 hours. YAY! 😊

    All the smart people are staying home. All the stupid ones are out and about. 🙄

    And...I think I just wrote my blog for tomorrow. Really short, though not very sweet. LOLOL

    It's Mother's Day. Go fishing. And yay on the internet thing! Glad you found the prob and the compromise.

  2. Happy Mother's Day! I hope you went fishing. :-)

    More hugs to Kira. Oh, how I miss my columbines! Yours sound so pretty!

    I got my quota (snort; as in a few) of illustrations done. Tomorrow I'll start December 1880 -- I'm looking forward to 1881. LOL!