Friday, May 29, 2020

The Chaos Diaries - 5/29/20

I placed an order with Amazon for a couple of simple things - a printer cartridge and a bottle of glucosamine pills - which I had either forgotten on my last trip to Wallyworld or they were out.  Expected delivery 6/3 at the time of order placement.  It shipped on Saturday, so plenty of time to get here on time.  Except when I went to track the package, it said something about the package being delayed due to 'weather or natural disaster'.  D'oh!  Of course, it's coming out of California - which is a walking natural disaster of its own making.  Who knows when it'll actually get here.  Probably after my next trip to Wallyworld, so I should've just tried again there.

In other chaos related news, my thrift store is open for business again.  Except they posted that in order to shop there, you MUST wear a mask.  I don't need to shop at a thrift store bad enough to put myself through that, so I guess no thrifting there yet.  =o\

Don't get me started on masks again.

The mayor of Minneapolis has said it's okay to riot as long as you're wearing a mask and social distancing.  Umm....

We're seeing a slight uptick in confirmed cases in the area.  Which, for here, means we now have 11 cases total in my county, with the majority of those no longer 'active'.  Three new cases in the last week - one of those being a person who tested positive for the antibodies.  Ten new cases in the county where I shop.  :shrug:  Still not worried about it. 

Nitwit-mer extended the lockdown in Michigan to June 12th(?) because people were naughty over Memorial Day weekend and she's punishing everyone.  Mom's pissed.  She needs to get back to the office.  She needs to get her hair cut and her teeth cleaned.  I think if Gretch was standing in front of my mother right now, she'd get bitch-slapped.  Don't piss off the mama.

I would give my left tit for everything to go back to normal.  Don't give me this 'new normal' crap.  What we're experiencing now should never be taken for anything resembling normal.  I think they're selling the phrase 'new normal' to get people to accept the unacceptable.  Don't buy it, folks.

There are other things I could rant about, but I'm about ranted out right now.  We're still all fine.  Everyone we know is still fine.  I'll let you know if things take a shit here.  How are things where you are?

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  1. Don't even get me started on Minnesota. Or Michigan. Or California/Left Coast. I hope the folks who aren't into this "new normal" crap all go to the polls.

    We're fine. I do need to add (FINALLY!) toilet paper on the grocery list. We have like 5 rolls in the house but I don't just jog into the grocery store for one or two items anymore. I have to plan ahead for when I finally do make the trek.

    I've been piddling with the edits. Intend to finish them today. Still no cover so a nudge to Only. I know she's busy but it's not like I didn't give her four months warning. I've even offered to pay her (she gives me "free" covers for gift-giving holidays - LOL)

    Not much new. Live PD tonight to look forward to. Unless it's a rerun while they're gearing up for going live-LIVE next weekend.

    Whatever I did to my shoulder has cleared up. This is good. At the beginning of the week, I had NO range of motion without excruciating pain. One night, I couldn't sleep because there was no comfortable position. I finally got a small pop out of it a couple of days later and since then, it's all good. So that's a yay.

    How can it be the end of May already? Which is weird considering time seems to drag but it's actually speeding by. Gives me a headache thinking about it.

    Okay, moving on. Words to be edited. Emails to be answered. Coffee to drink. Not necessarily in that order. Have a good one! Later, tater.