Thursday, May 14, 2020

Thursday This n That + Chaos Diary Stuff

For some reason, I decided to test the done-ness of the French bread pizzas last night with my bare hands.  Which would've been fine if I hadn't accidentally brushed my finger against the pan, too.  Only one spot on one knuckle got burned and blistered a bit, but man, that one spot... Blerg.  I burn myself at least a couple times a year, so I should be used to it.  Does one ever get used to burns? 

I had some banking to do again yesterday.  As I was standing around chatting with my friends - 6 ft away from them (virtue signal lit) - one of them mentioned a little blue bird she'd been seeing.  My BFF and I said at almost the same time 'indigo bunting'.  See?  This is why she's my BFF.  We get each other.  Man, I missed her during the MO lockdown.

Making progress on Cinder Ugly.  Slow progress, but progress nonetheless.  I expect to reach 100 pages today.  Not hard since I finished yesterday on pg 99. 

I never dreamed I'd reach the age of 50 only to find myself monitoring the potty habits of a geriatric cat.  She's pooping along like a champion, btw.  Yay. 

Okay, I'm not fifty.  Yet.  Next week, I'll be fifty.  Umm, yah.

It was time to order more catfood again, so I trotted over to Amazon.  Yay all the types I wanted were in stock.  I also need new socks, so I thought I'd tack them onto the order.  Socks?  They're on back order.  Socks.  On back order.  Who would've thunk it?  For the record, I am rough on socks.  My feet chew through the heels at an alarming rate.  They didn't used to.  Older feet?  Cheaper socks?  My funny gait getting funnier?  :shrug:  I'll pick some up at the Dollar General next time I'm there.

Also for the record, I hate having to think that far ahead on buying catfood.  Just over two weeks worth left?  Time to order more, in case the shipment gets held up.  Blerg.

I have heard Amazon's not being as snappy with their shipments and deliveries as they were.  Stupid chaos.

What's on your this n that list today?  Got any chaos things to report? 

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  1. Life usual. 🤷‍♀️

    I need to hit Wallyworld today. I should get dressed and do that.

    Big storm overnight and early this morning. Lots of rain. A little hail. High winds. We got the rain. So yay.

    A couple of my ferals are MIA. Haven't seen one of them in several weeks. I'm pretending someone managed to catch him and has given him a furrever home. Beautiful Siamese/Balinese kitty. I think I saw Hi-Jinx this morning but he ran off before I could get a good look.

    I've made progress on BETRAYAL. Got 2 chapters done in recent days. Hoping I'll be ready to dive in after dealing with the stupid people.

    Amazon is about to pi$$ off their Prime members over the shipping situation.

    I'm about to call a "Congressional" on the IRS. The Federal Bureaucracy is a travesty.

    There's a bird outside that sounds like a puppy. Weird. Totally want an app for bird calls!

    That's about it for me. Guess I'd better put real clothes on and head out into the madness. Hang in there. Later, tater.