Wednesday, May 13, 2020

The Chaos Diaries - 5/13/20

It's a sad, strange world out there.  Every day some new crazypantsness pokes its head up from the sludge.  And I don't understand any of it.  I think if I tried to, my head would explode.

The new stimulus bill Nancy brought forth was over a thousand pages long.  ONE THOUSAND PAGES.  I think there ought to be a rule that you can't vote for it if you haven't read it and there will be a test.  That way we don't end up with Obamacare again.  Also, there ought to be a rule that bills may only include what's in the title of the bill.  Or something.  No more pork fat in these damn bills.  But that's just me.  Any rational citizen could take these bills and a red pen and cut all the crap out.  Let me at it.  My red pen would eat that shit up.

In other news, I saw a screen capture of a private message a friend of a friend received on FB.  It started out with something like 'I'll make this simple so a redneck like you can read it' and then proceeds to spew vile, profanity-laced crap in ALL CAPS.  It was a vicious and nasty screed sent because the receiver dared to want the country to open back up again.  Several of the commenters wanted the spewer's name uncovered so the could rain hell upon her.  My answer?  Report, Block, Delete.  Buh-bye.  Actually, I wouldn't mind having her name so I could visit her page simply to block her so I never have to run into her.  I've been doing that a lot lately.  I haven't blocked so many people since the 2016 election.  (Not reported.  I've never reported anyone.  If I had gotten that in a private message, though, you're damn sure I'd report it.)

Of course, with FB's new team of watchers, they'd probably give that bitch a prize and censure me.

Apparently, I should be ashamed of myself for not wearing a mask everywhere I go.  If you want to wear a mask, more power to you.  If you want to shame me for not wearing one, go pound sand up your ass.  Better yet, take your shaming into Flint or Detroit and try it there.  Wear a bulletproof full-body suit, though. 

I heard they caught the guys who shot that security guard in Flint.  They were in Texas.  They've also arrested the bitch who started it all and family members who were aiding and abetting the murderers.  There is justice here and there on occasion.  Well, we'll see how much time they actually get and then whether it counts as justice for a murdered father of eight.

Speaking of Michigan, I heard yesterday that, in Michigan, the news is saying Missouri is getting hit hard by the 'Rona.  Umm, no.  That is a big, bald-faced, fucking lie.  Of course, they don't want Michiganders to know the truth - we opened back up and we're fine - because then Nitwit would get more blowback than she's already getting. 

:deep breath: Ohhhhm  Ohhhhm.

It's all good here.

How are things where you are?

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  1. Don't get me started on the new package! I forget how many times it mentions cannibis (like 60+) and makes sure the entire nation can get high, and the fact that it provides government $$ to those who are not in this country legally? Seriously?!?! Or that deal in Michigan! So glad they caught the mudderflackers, but there's a huge lack of news coverage on that whole deal. Yeah, won't get started on that either. Climbing off the soap box.

    It's good here. We're well. Starbucks is open. I go places early before the idiots are up and about. LG hasn't learned to do that yet.

    Loki makes me laugh. Jake is a pet hound. Boone is gonna make me see a chiropracter if he keeps sleeping under my desk but hey, old dog gets to sleep where he wants!

    I'm making progress on the WIP. One of them anyway.

    Weather is weird. We had to turn the heater back on. Hoping to turn it off today but it's still in the 50s and the projected high went from 83 to 75. If the clouds don't disperse, we may not hit even that.

    On a happier note, the rain brings out the honeysuckle scent. I just opened the window and took a deep breath. Heaven!

    Time to get off the net and get work. Hope you have an awesome day! Later, tater.