Tuesday, May 26, 2020

It's Monday... Umm, no.

I hate Monday holidays.  I wake up knowing it's Monday and begin thinking about the Monday things I have to do, then I realize the office isn't open and the mail's not coming.  Then I spend the rest of the day thinking it's Sunday and when the next day arrives, I can't wrap my brain around the fact that it's Tuesday.

I know, I know... I'm a writer and therefore the days of the week don't matter as much.  I am also a data grunt for a real company that has real workdays.  Monday comes and I open my work email and get ready to start the week.  Like I did yesterday before I realized no emails would be coming and I would have no work to do. 

Also, I sat down yesterday to pay bills before I realized I would not be able to take them to the post office because no mail.  I still paid the bills, but I prefer to take them right to the post office than leave them sitting on the dining room table waiting for me to send them on their way.

Once I realized all that, it was Sunday to me.  Except Monday television was still on.  Blerg.

So, this morning, I was all like 'It's Monday' and then I realized 'Umm, no.  It's Tuesday.'  Derp.  Like I don't have a hard enough time figuring out what day it is on a regular basis - worse now than before - and here's a holiday to make it worse. 

Happily, there are no more Monday holidays until September, when we get to do this all over again for Labor Day.

How about you?  Were there Monday things you tried to do yesterday?  Are you stuck in the 'what the hell day is it' mode?  


  1. I'm in a perpetual "what the hell day is it" mode. This is not new. Frustrating but not new.

    I knew it was Monday. Didn't make a difference. Never does. Ah well.

    Not much else to report. Weird dreams continue. Boone and I are adjusting to life under my desk. Life goes on, Monday by Monday. And today is $10 Pizza day at Papa Murphy's. S'all good.

    Hang in there and your brain will readjust. Hopefully, sooner than when the time changes. 🤣 Later, tater.

  2. I got it into my head that today was Saturday, so I could read all night and not worry that I had orders to pack up for the morning mail.

    Um, no. I just finished packing. Yay to orders, but now I need some sleep.

    I was getting bad about the day of the week long before C19, but now I'm totally fried. (rolls eyes)