Monday, May 18, 2020

The Chaos Diaries - 5/18/20

I went out on Friday to pick up cigarettes and fill in some grocery gaps.  I also topped off the gas tank in my car.  At $1.39, you kind of have to keep the tank topped off.  Who knows when gas will go up again?  Get it while it's cheap.

Anyway, everything's fine at the smoke shop.  They already had my cigs tucked away for me, so no worries about whether I can get mine when I need to.  Those gals take good care of me.  Hubs didn't need any this time around.  He smokes less than I do anyway, but since this chaos started, I've been smoking more than usual.

I hit the building supply place and got suet and birdseed.  Score.  They're all hanging plastic thingies and Xs on the floors now, but still the same friendly, chatty folks they always were.  The guy even carried my birdseed out for me.  Turned out he lived in Michigan for a while.  Heh, there are loads of Michiganders around here.  Better here than there right now.

I also hit the Dollar General up there, which is a different one from the one I've been hitting.  No milk unless I wanted a gallon of whole.  Blech.  Still no antiseptic wipes of any kind (I use Clorox, but the Lysol ones were gone, too).  This DG had ice cream, which I didn't need at the time.  The spices there are as picked over as at the other one.  I guess my search for minced onions and Lawry's garlic salt continues.  Soon I will be out of onion powder, too, but there's none of that either.  They were also out of 60 minute/90 day TracFone cards.  That one sucks because soon Hubs will be out of days.

Owl has asked if she can go with me the next time I hit Wallyworld.  Umm...  Yah, we'll see.  One person going out and potentially bringing germs back versus two people.  I get that she's going stir crazy here.  I'm going a bit stir crazy myself.  I really want to be able to just skip on down to Walmart any time I please.  But I really DON'T want to bring that crap home to Hubs.

Anyway, that's about it for me for now.  What's up with you in this chaos?

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  1. Not much has changed around here. I'm getting fat, LG is losing weight and sleepiung a lot (yes, this concerns me a bit...). We're stocked on meat because he decided there might be a hamburger shortage. I may have to start cooking more.

    I finished the new part of BETRAYAL. Today, I start on Part 3, written but needs further review and additions. I need to nudge Only for my cover. I'm shooting for EOM or sooner, as you've probably read by now.

    The weather's nice. Might get by without AC until the end of the week when the forecast is hot and stormy.

    Every day, I say I'm going to leash up Jake and take a walk. Every day, I don't. After stepping on the scales today, yeah, I'm gonna. Maybe...

    And that's about the sum total for me. On to my other stops and then to work! And maybe a walk...or not. First, though, more coffee.