Tuesday, May 19, 2020

The Chaos Diaries - 5/19/20

Yesterday, after much discussion over the weekend, it was decided I would go to Wallyworld and that I would take the Owl with me.  We joked about the lockdown being lifted by the governor - aka Hubs.  Mind you, it still wasn't a normal trip.  I still stocked up so I don't have to go back until next month.  But it was more toward normal than any shopping trip since early March.

For the record, Owl went with me because the poor bird hadn't been to a retail establishment since early March either while she was still in Michigan. And she needed things I couldn't necessarily pick up for her - things she needed to see and choose for herself.  (Her tastes are not my tastes.)  Good thing she was here and not MI or her shopping would've been deemed non-essential.

Anyway, all went well at the Walmart.  They had a lot of the stuff I haven't been able to get at the Dollar General.  Unfortunately, glucosamine was not one of them.  With my crappy joints, I need my supplement, but umm, no.  I'll try to buy that online today.  The other thing in short supply was beef.  I did manage to pick up more hamburger, but roasts were gone.  I could've come home with some high priced cuts of beef - NY strip anyone?  Umm, no.  I did get a lovely pork tenderloin that will make three meals with leftovers and the whole chicken that we had for dinner last night.

Less than half of the shoppers were wearing masks.  All of the employees were wearing them.  Including one of the two boys I'd seen not wearing one last time.

Let's pause and talk about masks for a second.  From what I've been hearing, they're doing more harm than good.  Using them for any length of time increases the CO2 in your blood, which lowers your immune system.  They're also breeding grounds for bacteria - you know, the bacteria you already have that your immune system fights everyday.  Increasing the strength of bacteria and lowering your immune system's efficacy does not sound like a good idea to me.  If you choose to wear a mask, do it wisely and be careful, okay?  I did take masks with us we went out yesterday, but those were more in case someone got all up in our faces about not wearing them than fear of the 'rona.  Note: we did not have to wear them and no one seemed to care.

I was watching a Professional Bull Riding (PBR) thing over the weekend.  (Don't judge.  You get sports where you can nowadays.)   And this dude had just finished his winning ride on a particularly active bull.  When he stepped up to get his trophy, he was wearing a mask and breathing so hard, the mask was sucking in and out against his face.  I'm surprised the poor guy didn't hyperventilate.  But he didn't need a mask.  There wasn't anyone anywhere near him.  No spectators in the stands.  A few rodeo clowns.  The officiants.  Of course, the mask was stamped with the PBR logo, so the event organizers were responsible.  The more I think about it, the more I think it's all virtue-signaling.

Did you guys hear about the guy who was jogging with a mask on?  He passed out and had to be taken to a hospital where he was found to have hypoxia.  If you're exercising, get the damn mask off.  You need oxygen more than you need to worry about germs.  And if you're that concerned you have to wear a mask everywhere, stop strenuous exercise.  Sheesh.

Also for the record, we sanitized our hands when we got back to the car.  And there's my virtue signal for the day.

Today, Hubs plans to go get a haircut.  He was going to go yesterday, but then he remembered the barber takes Mondays off.  He hasn't had a haircut since mid-March.  Lucky for him, he keeps it short, so 8 weeks without a haircut did not turn him in Justin Bieber.  He's just a little shaggy.  I like it like this, but it's driving him nuts.  I'd cut it, but then he'd look like he had the mange.  Narrowly avoided that.  Whew.

Oh, and one last thing... There are arrows on the floor for a reason, people.  And if you can't understand an arrow or read the words, green means go and red means stop. There was one gal going the wrong way down every aisle yesterday.  But she had a mask on, so it was okay.  Umm, no.   Of course, she wasn't the only one not paying attention to the directives.  And yes, I admit I accidentally went the wrong way once or twice, which I then rectified by backing the hell out.  Rules, people.  You may not like them and they may seem silly, but until they change, follow them.

Okay, that's it for the chaos in my world.  How are things in yours?


  1. Inquiring minds want to know...did you get the spice stuffs (and onions) that you needed? As those items are stables in my house, I've been worrying for y'all. 😐

    The last time I was in Wallyworld--and I go early so there aren't many people inside and most are paying attention to the arrows, but not all but it's not like it's crowded... Anyway, I caught myself turning into an aisle the wrong way because I only needed to go about 6 feet down the way to get what I needed. When I realized the oops, I reversed my cart and backed up to the spot, grabbed my items and then exited the way I was supposed to. The woman coming the correct way laughed. I shrugged and mentioned that I did like the idea of one-way aisles because they were easier to navigate and to get items on both sides. She agreed. I hope WW keeps them. ➡⬅

    Was really glad I had the hand sanitizer I'd grabbed as a backup (we carry alcohol wipes in the cars for immediate washing) and left sitting on the microwave. I spilled REALLY hot coffee on my hand this morning. After hitting it with cold water to stop the burn, I used the hand sanitizer because alcohol also cools the burn but mainly because it had aloe in it. Took two hits but hand is all better and no blistering. Yay. ☕

    I'm ready for life to flip on the open sign. 'Nuff said. 😝

    I should have a new cover this weekend and I'm on track with the edits. I have just over 35K words. I'll be adding some as I go but so far, this section has been pretty clean of typos so yay! 🖥

    On that note, time to get a fresh cup, shut down the intrawebz and get to it. Publishing waits for no man. Or woman!🤭

    Have a good one. Later, tater.

    1. I finally got what I needed in the spices, so I got extra. The rack there looked pretty stocked up, but that's here. If you need any spices you can't find, let me know and I'll see what I can do.

  2. Today was shopping day for us, too. And HOORAY! The bookstore was open! Picked up my first new-to-me books in 6 weeks. Unfortunately, Mom was in a BIG hurry, so we didn't stay long. I don't know what her problem was, but it wasn't worth quarreling over.

    We skipped Wallyworld (yay!) and hit my favorite grocery store. Most people were wearing masks. We could have gotten home early, but Mom was thirsty (um, me too) so we stopped at a Dollar General for a soda -- that took an extra half hour for Mom to find something she liked. LOL!