Sunday, May 24, 2020

Sunday Update - Week 20

Well, it's Sunday again.  I did stuff last week, but it's all a blur.  Let's see if I can piece it together...

No writing.  No editing either.  And no marketing.  Well, that wasn't hard. 

As for other stuff, I did do some reading.

The week started off with our wedding anniversary, followed closely by my 50th birthday, both of which were about as exciting as cold oatmeal, so I left them alone.  The 'rona killed the urge to celebrate.

Monday, I took Owl out to the store for the first time since she got here.  She had a happy, I think. 

My activity level was okay.  Got in a couple walks, a little fishing, some yardwork, and some housework.  Weight: 175.8

I made myself a post-birthday birthday cake.  Chocolate oil with fudgy frosting.  It's almost gone now.  Today, Owl wants to make a honey cake. 

It's been raining a lot here.  Thus, the lake is high.  Here's a pic of the parking lot of my favorite fishing spot:
The tree line on the right is where the edge of the parking lot usually is.  The shore is typically at least 5 feet from the line of trees.  This was taken when the lake was at 925ft.  It's two feet higher in elevation now, so I expect the rest of the parking lot is under water today.

In happier news, my lilies are blooming.  And the deer haven't eaten them yet.
Pay no attention to the fact that I have to weed.  Yes, those are little oak trees.  I might try to transplant them elsewhere.

And that's all I've got.  What was your week like?


  1. Happy belated birthday and anniversary! Sorry you couldn't celebrate. My birthday fell during hysteria month and we didn't see a living soul for a month after that.

    As I read on Facebook, I didn't use 2020 so I'm not going to add it to my age. LOL!

    1. Thanks, Maria! Sorry your birthday was a bust, too. LOL about the Facebook thing.

  2. How did I miss your birthday?!?!?! 🤦‍♀️ Hope you had a good one...

    Yes, there was a week. Mostly boring. I did stuff. Mostly boring stuff. There was kid soccer. Story to follow tomorrow. There was Starbucks. There was The End. And there was rain. Still is. Listening to thunder and debating whether to go back to bed.

    Tomorrow is a new week. Let's fill it with possibilities! 🥰

    1. I took it off FB and generally hid from it. It was just another day this year.

      Sorry you had boring stuff. Can't wait to see your soccer story tomorrow. We got the rain and the thunders, too. Bleh.

      Right now, I'm just hoping for the possibility of sleep. ;o)

  3. Week 20 already? That's scary!

    Happy birthday, and happy anniversary. Maybe you can have a belated celebration in a month or so.

    Wow, that lake is full! I love your lilies -- so colorful. I've been trying harder this year to keep up with the weeding, but the iris beds always look worse after I peter out.

    We had a lovely thunderstorm this afternoon. Lots of rain. My trees look so happy!