Wednesday, May 6, 2020

The Chaos Diaries - 5/6/20

So, yesterday, I wound up taking the cat to the vet.  Thankfully, when I called them to talk about Kira's problems, they had an appt at 11am.

Now, understand something.  My vet is in Arkansas.  To the best of my knowledge, they never shut down AR.  And the few things that were shut down were supposed to open on the 4th.  Mind you, the only reasons I go into AR were fulfilled last week and before then I hadn't been down there in 3 weeks, so what do I know?

Anyway, while on the phone with the vet, I was informed that their lobby is closed.  I would have to call them once I got to the parking lot and then wait in my car until someone came out to get the cat.  I was not allowed to go into the building with her.

Well, at least they weren't making me wear a mask, eh?

So, down I go.  I call from the parking lot and then wait for someone to come out and get the carrier with its soft kitty filling.  A gal I don't recognize comes out.  That's fine.  I haven't been there since Kira's last UTI two years ago.  New employees.  Yay.  She was very nice, even if she was masked improperly (over her mouth but not her nose.)  :shrug:  I explain everything and she whisks my precious furbucket into the building.   Before she leaves, she tells me if I have errands to run, I'm welcome to do so.  Umm, okay. This isn't really an errand kind of time we're living in, and I already did all mine, so I opt to wait in the car.

So I wait.

A while goes by with me sitting there reading on my Kindle.  TGFK.  Finally, the same gal comes out.  No mask this time.  She needs my authorization to run bloodwork.  I call Hubs to get consensus and then give the okee dokey.

And I wait.

People arrive and employees come out to their cars to get their animals or give them meds or whatever.  Another gal comes out to the truck next to me.  I've never seen her either.  And she wasn't wearing a face mask.  The office manager comes out fully and properly masked to talk to another person.  A gal arrives, hops out of her car, and jogs up the steps to the front door, wherein she looks at the signs plastered all over the front - which I assume read to the effect that the lobby is closed.  She tries the door anyway.  It's locked.  She looks at the signs, perhaps actually reading them.  And tries the door again.  Dejected, she walks back to her SUV and makes the call.  Someone comes out and hands her something.  Off she goes.

And I wait.

Finally, after about an hour in the car (half of which was the drive time to get there), I set my book down, light a smoke, and get out of the car.  It was lovely day and I really needed to stretch my legs.  I walked around the parking lot until my cigarette was finished.  As I reached my car, unmasked gal (Gal #2) comes out.  I get just enough time to flick my butt in the ashtray before she is upon me.  Apparently, the practice added a new vet and she was it.

She gives me the lowdown on Kira.  Upper Respiratory infection, for sure.  And the constipated kitty thing, which cleared itself up a bit in the carrier on the way there, will require some kitty laxatives.  And Kira's got kidney problems.  Because she's OLD.  Meds for each of those maladies.  Yay.  The vet tells me she'll go in and get Kira and be right back out.  Fifteen minutes later, her and the first gal come back out with kitty and meds.  No masks on either one.

I pay the bill, get my receipt, and thank them for their time.  I left the house around 10 and got back around 12:15.  Would it have been shorter without the 'precautions' they didn't really seem to be taking all that seriously?  Who knows.  Was sitting in my car for over an hour any worse on my back than sitting on their hard wooden benches inside?  :shrug:  I know I missed chatting with the vet techs and office manager, like I used to do when they were taking care of Max.

What a world.

In other chaos news, they finally let my aunt's daughter go visit her at the gulag nursing home.  This isolation has got to be driving my gregarious aunt batshit crazy.  Even my semi-hermit of a mom has had it with this, and Crazed Governor Gretchen has extended the lockdown there until 5/28.  Poor mom.  Poor all of my family members trapped by that power mad witch.

Anyway, that's it for me today.  How's things in your neck of the chaos?


  1. My life hasn't only had small disruptions--mainly with availability of items at Wallyworld and no Mexican food with the kids. We take our precautions and don't worry much about what others are doing. Both vehicles are equipped with alcohol-infused wipes that we use on hands, face, and steering wheels. We wash hands after unloading anything from the outside.

    We started "opening" last Friday. The state hasn't been hit all that hard and there are plenty of beds should a second surge hit. I'm of the opinion that the way to minimize the effects of this sucker is to get herd immunity and that ain't gonna happen until we get out and about. And I say that as a member of the "at risk" demographic. Personally, I think I had a mild case of it back in early March but until the antibody test is widely available, I won't know. Anyone can now get the Covid test but if you don't have it/had it before and are no longer active, there's not a lot to be learned by that test.

    Anyway. Totally glad Kira is on the road to recovery! 🥰 Hang in there. I truly believe this thing is on its way out, though, like the flu, it'll be back in the fall.

    Later, tater!

  2. Many hugs to Kira (and your pocketbook). I hope she starts feeling better soon!