Tuesday, May 5, 2020


I've seem some particularly heinous crap online this morning, so I'm giving you randomosity, because none of needs to hear more about the heinous crap right now.

Apparently, my brain has decided to skip Tuesday and go directly to Wednesday.  Several times already this morning, I've had to remind myself that this is, in fact, Tuesday.  I even started to fill out my timesheet, which isn't due until tomorrow.  I'd blame this on the chaos, but I was like this before. Not that this crap helps.

Great Value hot dogs are actually pretty tasty, which is good because I bought a 24 pack of them on my last grocery run.  And they're bun length, which is even better.

Hubs and I went fishing yesterday.  I finally caught a fish large enough to bring home so I could show Owl how to clean a fish.  Not necessarily germane to her existence, but hey, it's a skill.  Anyway, there's one bluegill in the freezer.  Now I just need to catch a half-dozen more to make a meal.

Since I didn't catch enough bluegills, we're having salmon for dinner.

We got some interesting weather after we got home.  They were showing huge ass hail elsewhere.  We got pea-sized and a bunch of rain.  Livin' in the sweet spot.

The new neighborhood guinea hens are amusing me greatly.  Not sure exactly who they belong to.  They're hanging out around our property now, pecking along.  Sure, they can be noisy as hell, but they're so funny, we get over the noise.  If I'm outside, I just say 'hello, ladies' and go about my business.  As long as you don't make any sudden moves, they're pretty chill.  Plus, they eat ticks.

And that's about it.  Hope the random helped pull you away from the heinous crap for a moment or two. 

Got any random things to talk about today?

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  1. You gave me many random smiles reading this. Thank you. 😊

    The news this morning...I can't even... Moving on.

    Pizza for dinner. I need to check to see if Papa Murphy's offers a Mexican variation since it's Cinco de Mayo.

    I'm done with the short story. As you know.

    I need to random graphic thingies for my backlist and get them posted because the publisher I'm submitting to will check. Need to break out the ol' Book Brush account and give it a whirl.

    I should take a picture of the notes I made late at night/early in the morning and post it. Crazy handwriting!

    Okay. Time to order the pizza. OH! Both of my Starbucks are now open for drive-thru. Jake is happy. He'll get his puppucino after grabbing pizza.

    Later, tater.