Sunday, May 3, 2020

Sunday Update - Week 17

First, let's get something out of the way.  Ugly and the Beast went live last night.  Any errors, flaws, gaffs, screw ups, etc. are entirely mine.  It's $2.99.  Sleeping Ugly is 99c right now here in the states and should be comparably priced elsewhere in the world.  And will be through the end of the month.

Yeah, so umm, last week.  Well, it was pretty much devoted to getting UatB out into the world, so loads of proofing and editing and formatting, etc.

If you stopped by yesterday, you'll see I didn't read much last week because of the above.

Since I was launching a new book, I had to update my spreadsheets to reflect a new book in the month of May, which was tedious to the max, but needed to be done.  It's done.  Which is good because I had my first sale last night, too.  (Umm, it was me.  I always buy a copy of my books when they release.)

I did get some exercise last week.  Unfortunately, I gained back some of the weight I lost, too.  I blame that on it also being the week for my shot.  I always gain weight right before I get my shot.  No biggie.

Today, I have to do all the after-pub things - updating blogs and Goodreads and Pinterest and backmatter.  I have to add the series info to Sleeping Ugly's Amazon listing, too.  And marketing!  Blerg.  I'd forgotten how much stuff is involved in a book launch.

In local news, there seems to be a whole new flock of free range guinea hens wandering the neighborhood.  They've taken to visiting our yard.  And they ARE the silly, noisy, rusty-windmill birds I've been hearing since the newish neighbors moved in last year.  :shrug:  They amuse me.

I don't think I baked anything of note last week.  The week is a blur.  I need cake.  Maybe today I'll make some.

So, what's been up with you?


  1. Did you decide against going Kindle Unlimited? I'll hold off buying until I know for sure because I always do the KU thing and then buy for the keeper shelf. 😊

    Last week was. Nothing special. Nothing bad. Nothing good. It just...was.

    No baking. Did book listening, as you know. Did some writing on the short story. It's coming along. If I can get motivated, maybe today. Wanna beta read it?

    Was really hot yesterday. I'm trying to not turn on the AC.

    We met the family for dinner at a Chinese buffet. It was surreal. Only two sections of a 30 section buffet and employees dished up what we indicated. But hey, LG and I got the senior citizen discount. And the food was good, the company better.

    Here's looking at a better week for us all. Have a good one! 🥰

    1. Gah. I thought I made sure it was available in KU, and now I can't fix it because it's 'in updates' because I updated some links in it. I'll fix it later. Thanks for the heads-up.

      Of course, I'll beta read your story!

      Yeah, that is weird for a buffet, but hey, it was food eaten somewhere other than your house or your car. Yay!

      You have a good one, too!

    2. It reminded me of going to a cafeteria when I was a kid. Those are few and far between these days. LOL

      And no worries. I just can't buy it first and then KU it. Gotta be the other way around but hey, I want you get all the coin you can from me! And thanks. It'll be 5K max so won't take long once I get it finished. Later tater.

    3. UatB is showing as being in KU now. Yay!

  2. Congratulations on another great release! I love this book! It's a fun continuation of a very cool series. :-)