Thursday, January 28, 2021

Thursday This n That

Have you heard about the literary agent who got fired for simply having accounts at Parler and Gab?  Sounds like the lead-in to a joke, but it's not.  She had accounts at those conservative social media sites, and she lost her job for it.  I've known for most of my writing life that the publishing industry was rife with leftists, but I never would've thought they'd cancel someone over it.  Shun them, maybe.  Ignore them, definitely.  Blacklist, possibly.  But to actually shitcan an employee for their beliefs?  Anyway, being a mulish sort, I created a Gab account yesterday.  And I went to the literary agent's page there.  She became a member this month and had exactly one post which was a call for romance writers to submit their manuscripts to her.  An agent asking for manuscripts?  How could she?  Burn the witch.  I thought we were supposed to have something called 'Freedom of Association' in this country.  Huh.

I woke up this morning expecting to have to feed Kira and take her to the litterbox.  I expect it'll take quite a bit of time for that to stop.  

Oh, I contacted the local rescue shelter* to ask if they would accept a donation of all of Kira's perishable things - food, etc.  They're happy to have it.  The food I ordered that shipped the day before Kira passed, arrived yesterday.  When I put all the food together, there are 85 cans worth - 48 new and the rest recently purchased to try and find something she would eat.  (The same thing happened at the end of Max's life.  Lots of cans left. Which we gave to the vet to distribute.)  Those should help keep some shelter kitties happy for a few days at least.  Plus, there's an unopened bottle of Cosequin, a nearly new bottle of dry shampoo, and some kitty kibbles which they might or might not want.  I'll take it all over there and what they don't want, we'll bring home and throw away.  We're keeping the leftover litter because we can use that to clean up spills and provide traction.

I spent some time at the shelter website yesterday, looking at dogs.  No, we're not getting a dog any time soon.  But it made me feel better.  

If you didn't know, I mentally 'adopt' certain animals at the shelter and root for them to get adopted.  They are 'my dogs' until they find homes.  Right now, they are  Jerry, Pluto, Roan, and Sour Patch (He's my favorite right now.  The look on his face!)

Yesterday, after I wrote the post, I shuffled books around and made space.  Although, if I pick up any more NF titles, I have no clue where I'll put them.

Okay, I think that's quite enough out of me.  Got anything on your this n that list today?

*If you're interested in supporting them, they're The Haven of the Ozarks - a no-kill shelter.  Alternately, the place Kira actually came from is here.  If you decide to donate in memory of Kira, don't bother telling them - neither place would know who you're talking about.  I thinks CAWS actually called her 'Smoky' or something like that.

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  1. Yeah, I heard about that through you. I hate the cancel culture and they are so quick to turn on their own. There's a whole movement of authors, agents, editors, and publishers who want to cancel anything conservative. Guess what, people. That's how Hitler started. But they too stupid and brainwashed to see the parallels. Nuff said.

    I'm just now "getting around." REALLY bad day and night and today's not much better. Long story and I'm not quite sure what exactly is going on. I partially broke a tooth YEARS ago. It never bothered me so I never did anything about it. Tuesday, I bit down on a dried banana chip and got a sharp pain in/around that tooth. It wasn't horrible so I ignored it. Wednesday night, it woke me up throbbing. I rummaged in the med cabinet and found an old tube of tooth pain gel. Rubbed it on, stopped hurting, went to sleep. Was still sort Thursday morning so grabbed a new tub of store brand with extra stuffs when I grocery shopped. Came home, rubbed it in, went about my day. By mid-afternoon, my jaw was sore and I had swelling in my face. Took acetaminphen, spread some mores gell, got an ice pack. Yesterday evening, the whole lower right quandrant of my face was puffed and swollen hard, the swelling confined to my cheek rather than my gum around the tooth. Also, ouch! My mouth looks like I've had a stroke. Was up and down all night, parsing out individual acetameniphens, and laying with ice packs. This morning, it was even bigger! LG went to get me antihistamenes because I think it's a reaction to the special ingredient in the mouth gel. Anyway, ice and ibuprophen this time, and I managed to nap for several hours. The swelling seems to be down and I'm upright for the timebeing, with fingers crossed it is just a drug reaction and will go away. If not, I'll have to take out a loan. We just killed the credit card on LG's dental surgery. Wonder if it would be cheaper to pull the rest of the lowers and go complete set of dentures. I've had full uppers for around 20 years now.

    Anyway. There's not much else going on. Sorry to be a Debby Downer.

    Later tater.