Friday, January 29, 2021

Oh, Damn.

It's been a weird week.  But that's par for the course these days.  Huge thanks to everyone who shared their condolences over the past week.  

Now, on to the actual post... I saw something on MeWe this morning that shared the thoughts of an author I once enjoyed.  He thinks we all need to be cut out like cancer.  And just like that, more room was freed up on my fantasy shelf.  

It's not that the books themselves are no longer good.  It's that I can no longer read them without thinking about the dude and what he said.  I'll remember them fondly, but I can't even look at them anymore.  Off they go to St. Vinny's.  

It seems like every week some other numbnuts says something stupid and I'm like 'oh, damn, there goes another one'.  

It's really hard for me to turn off that part of my brain, so I can just enjoy the entertainment itself without thinking of the personalities involved in its creation.  If enough time goes by, I can kind of forget, but that's not guaranteed.  The other day, I was in the middle of watching a movie I've always enjoyed when the 'oh, damn' moment hit and suddenly I couldn't enjoy it anymore.  =o(

And yes, I realize there might be people out there reading my posts and then deleting my books from their readers.  Or not buying my books to begin with.  I can't help that.  I have to be who I am.  And the numbnuts have to be who they are.  It's still a free country and they can say what they like.  And people can patronize them or not.  That's how the free market is supposed to work.  

There are roughly 72 million people he thinks are 'cancer' and need to be 'cut out'.  Since I haven't heard of a new book by this particular dude in years, I'd say he's already gleaned his money off the market segment he's now saying should be cut out.  I'd love it a small part of that cancerous market segment found my books.  Hell, I'd love it if a small part of the other market segment found my books.  I certainly don't want them 'cut out'.  I'd wish they weren't so misguided.  I'd want for them to not have been brainwashed into believing the BS they've been fed.  But I don't want them dead.  I don't want them rounded up and put into 're-education' camps.  I want them to leave me to live my life and they can live theirs.  

Life would be easier if entertainers would keep their opinions to themselves.  But they can't, any more than I can keep mine to myself.  It would be nice if the entertainment industry wasn't rife with leftists, too.  But it is.  Wishing for it to be different now is like wishing for the moon.  =o(

Oh, damn.


  1. And "they" call the other half all the names but they're the ones invincing the actions of those names. Yeah, my movies, TV shows and books are showing the same type of purge. Why should I fill the pockets of someone who thinks I'm garbage? And they call themselves "woke." *eyeroll* And they call us bullies!

    What gets me is the hypocracy. They call for us to be rounded up, to be banned from publishing, to our words to be silenced, yet they proclaim themselves to be "inclusive," and want "unity." They want free speech but want to deny us the same rights.

    I should finish the third "chapter" of my dystopian trilogy, but I can't end it on a hopeful note so I'm not finishing it. Sadly, I could what I've already written as coming true--much sooner than later. I should send you the rough draft.

    Anyway. It's Friday. I'm moving around after almost all day in bed yesterday. My face is semi-normal and there are things to need doing and such like that there.

    Hang in there my friend. I know it seems like our voices are crying solitarily in the wilderness but those people forget that half this country is our people. Have a great weekend despite the world out there. I'm going to!

  2. Oh, please tell me who this was. LOL!

    I had a similar experience with a garden blog writer when she came across a seed catalog with a funny, but non complimentary cover with the new administration.

    Had the company posted a cover poking fun at Trump, I'm sure her sentiments would've been far different.

    Liberal bias at its best.

  3. I try to avoid learning writers' political inclinations, but when I do I try to scrub my brain. The story is still good, even if I'm annoyed by an opinion.

    Though if it was a mass murderer or rapist admitting he'd committed torture as research for his books, my shelves would get empty quick.