Monday, January 25, 2021

Be Warned: I'm Cranky

Late last month, we cancelled our trash service with Republic because they'd jacked up our rates again.  For the umpteenth time since they took over our service a couple years ago.  During my cancellation phone call, the gal informed me they were charging us $30 to come pick up their container.  I was suitably pissed and told her no.  When they took over our service after buying out our previous trash company, they never said anything about anything to us.  We had no contract with the old service and no contract with the new company.  They're the ones who stopped by and removed our old container and replaced it with one of theirs.  After much wrangling, I finally agreed to $15 just to be done with it.  They said they'd pick up the container on the 7th.  Hubs put it out to the road on the night of the 6th, just in case they came early.  No one showed.  Hubs called again and was told someone had stopped by but we didn't have our container out.  Umm... whoever said that was a lazy, no good, lying sack of crap who most likely didn't want to drive all the way out here for one container.  Mom was the office manager for a trash company for 13 years, so I know how some of those guys can be.  Anyway, they set up a new pickup time and actually came.  Friday, the bill for my container pickup fee arrives and they've tacked on a $5 fine for not having the container out.  GAH!  I'll be calling them today.  :flexes claws and bears fangs:

We were awakened in the middle of the night by a particularly large and loud crack of thunder.  It's been booming and raining ever since.  Pouring rain.  Deluge rain.  It's January for pitysakes.  

I'm ditching my PO box, so if any of you have that address, shitcan it.  I got a PO box because the newsletter services all require you to put an address at the end of your newsletter for some lame ass reason, and I didn't want the world at large to have my home address.  I haven't sent out a newsletter in forever and the only stuff I get in my box is junk mail and the two local papers, which we also get here at home.  At this point, having a PO box is just a waste of money.  

Since I haven't been sleeping, last night I figured why go to bed?  I played a little poker and then opened my manuscript to begin rewriting the beginning.  On a non-cranky note, it went well.  Duke is sounding more like Duke now.  Of course, it would've helped if I'd had a firm idea of who the MC was when I wrote the beginning.  :shrug:  The words come when they come and we fix them later.

I did eventually go to bed.  I was tired.  And then I laid in bed for an hour or so before I fell asleep.  The story of my life right now.  I broke down and bought some ZzzQuil, but I haven't tried it yet.  Stuff like that messes me up for days afterward.  I don't have time to be messed up for days right now.  When the not-sleeping makes me more messed up than I would be if I took the stuff, then I'll probably break down and take it.  For now, I'm still functional.  Just tired and cranky.


  1. Have you tried melatonin? It works for Stormy and Only, who both have ADD. Doctor prescribed, bought over the counter. Stormy is on meds for his ADD but it wears off around 6 or 7 every night and he gets a little hyper. The melatonin mellows him out so his brain shuts off enough to let sleep come. Only takes it whens she stressed, suggested by her doc in lieu of sleeping pills or other sleep aids. It does the same for her--eases the "busy brain" syndrome so she can relax into sleep. No after effects in the morning. FYI, I'll dedicate today's #ThisMadeMeLaugh to you. You'll get it.

    Have I mentioned I hate "bureacracies" of any ilk--public, private, governmental, corporate? Stupid people are stupid. For example--we got notice from the city that our water bill was estimated because they can't read the water meters due to the branches from the October ice storm that still haven't been picked up. Two problems--we don't have any branch piles (BiL's yard crew trimmed out the trees and cleared all the branches back before Christmas!) and those citizens in the area of town where the city HAS picked up the piles ALSO got the notice. *eyeroll*

    You know what's going on in my world so I suggest we both take naps today. LOLOL

    1. Everything makes me stupid, so I expect no less from melatonin. Oh, yeah, a nap will definitely be in my future.