Wednesday, January 27, 2021

Space for Books

I don't know about all y'all, but I am running out of space for books.  Okay, so I cleared off an entire shelf  of reference books for Kira's shrine, but that's beside the point.  (Those got moved to the now mostly-full bookcase next to it.  I think there's room on that entire case now for maybe two-three more books.) 

Even if you ignore the non-fiction cases entirely, I'm close to being full just about everywhere else.  The SF/F case - one of which is already full of books stacked horizontally instead of vertically - has room for maybe ten more paperbacks.   Same for the suspense/thriller/mystery case.  The literature case might take another fifteen.  Less if they're meaty novels.  

It didn't help that yesterday I hit the thrift store and came home with ten more books - most of them Westerns.  I didn't even have a spot allotted for Westerns.  The few I had were stuck in with the literature.  They're all moved into the spare room now, on top of the shelf with my own proof copies, my Phyllis Whitney collection, and books by friends of mine.  

I could glean down again.  I mean, do I really need that many dictionaries and thesauruses - especially when I use the internet for that stuff now?  Are we ever going to use those old textbooks again?  Is there really a reason to keep The Writer's Market from 2005?  I mean other than nostalgia?  (Notice I'm talking about gleaning NF and not fiction here. I've already culled out most of the fiction I wasn't planning on keeping.)

Hubs, being the great and wonderful man he is, suggested that maybe it was time to get some more bookshelves.  Except neither of us know where we would put them. The office is out of wall space.  I could, I suppose, moved some things around and stick a shelf or two more in the spare room.  And there's one more spot in the living room for a shelf.  

Ooo, the book on food remedies can go on the kitchen shelf with the cookbooks.  There's one new spot available!

Yes, it's a sickness.  No, I don't want a cure.  What I want is more space for books.

What about you?  Do you have loads of hardcopy books?  Or are you like my mom and get books from the library instead of keeping books of your own?

Updated 7:05am:  After I wrote this post, I spent some time shuffling things around and I have room again.  Of course, now the one non-fiction case is totally full and the other now has three out of five shelves with literature on them.  One is reserved for Kira and the last shelf is a mix of NF and F by the same author with a few other NF's to fill the remaining space.  And now there are books on top of the dresser in the spare room.  LOL.  On a bright note, Agatha Christie now has her own shelf.  She's gonna need it.


  1. LOL There needs to be a Bibliophile Anonymous group! We converted the dining room to a library when on of the BiL's commercial clients remodeled and we got 5 REALLY nice floor-to-ceiling shelves. Which are all full, some double shelved. I cull the paperbacks peridically. The hardbacks are there for a reason. LG never met a book he didn't love. Getting him to cull his would possibly lead to divorce. I have shelves in the bedroom and my office. We have glass-fronted bookcases in the family room for the collectible first editions.

    We are paper packrats. We should not be. If I ever get around to redesigning the furniture layout in my office, I will find more space. Maybe.

    Also, I do read a lot from the library and thank goodness I don't have ALL my Kindle books and/or audio books in paper. There would be NO room anywhere. I'm finally to the point that I only buy the books I know I want to keep and reread.

    Also, consider building a shelf around the top of your walls. We did that in Only's bedroom for knicknacks and trophies. If I can ever get her to take all her stuff to her house (gosh, she's been married 10 years so I'm thinking that ain't gonna happen--LOL), then I'd have another 35 feet of bookshelf space. (Only 2 walls.) It's an idea.

    Happy Hump Day and happy book collecting!

  2. I'm a member, too, and I've been trying to give up old paperbacks. Um, to earn credit at the used-book store. They don't want my NF hardbacks, so I haven't tried to cut back on those. Though I should. I doubt anyone will ever be interested in my ancient college textbooks. *I* don't even look at them anymore.

    I do collect dictionaries. The oldest one was printed in 1837, and I scored one only 10 years old in the free pile at the bookstore. I figured I should have one that was sorta up to date. ;-)

    Oh, and I have a collection of Victorian-era books, mostly on fashion, but some fiction and misc NF. I really should weed those out, but they're HISTORY! Right?