Thursday, January 7, 2021

Thursday This n That

Yes, yes, I know what's happening out there in the world.  I'd rather not talk about it. (Or it would turn into a pages-long rant.)


I know all y'all don't play poker, but there are an amazing number of people with 69 in their screen names.  Either they're all a year older than me, or they're channeling Bill and Ted.  69, dude!  There are also quite a few people using alternate spellings to get around the 'no swearing in your screen name' thing.  fuh_q seems to be the popular favorite.  :eyeroll:  What are these people... twelve?  (BTW, my screen name is my name.  If I'd been paying attention, I would've chosen something cute, but I was just testing out the site and afterwards, I discovered I couldn't change it.)

I sat through a commercial - muted, of course - for a new show wherein people do stupid and dangerous things in front of judges.  And I was reminded of the old 'bread and circuses' thing.

Speaking of bread, did you get yours?  I came home from the store the other day with more than I intended and told Hubs I was feeling particularly stimulated. 

I haven't been sleeping lately.  Well, not sleeping when I'm supposed to sleep anyway.  I go to bed tired and lay there.  Then 60-90 minutes later I finally fall asleep.  Then I wake up to tend to the cat and can't get back to sleep until the wee hours.  Which is why I keep oversleeping.  And posting late... like today. Although, today, I actually got up at 4am and went back to bed at 4:45, THEN I slept late and missed posting this.

Lumpy Jaw the doe lost her lump.  It was there for nearly a year.  Then a couple weeks ago, it seemed smaller.  And smaller.  And smaller.  Then it was gone.  We only know who she is because she still has her twins with her and they're all fairly tame for wild deer.  The little buck fawn walked up and starting eating at one pan while Hubs was filling the other pan yesterday.  Like 8 feet away.  We'll have to take care around him come next fall when he's all hormone charged and ready to tussle.

Last night we watched Death on the Nile with Peter Ustinov as Hercule Poirot.  Good stuff.  I keep thinking if I stay up later, I'll fall asleep with less time laying there.  Umm, nope.  

Okee doke.  There's my this-n-that stuffs.  What are yours?


  1. Yeah...the world.

    I know stuff happened in my world this week. Nothing much, but stuff.

    I cleaned the stove top at one point. Soaked the burner pans and grates, cleaned all the grease that had collected under them, and replaces the foil pan covers with new. I also reseasoned my cast-iron skillet. Exciting stuff, I tell you!

    I sat down and read through all the snippets I'd written for the next Penumbra book. It should have been written and published like two years ago. Ah well. Stupid depression. Anyway, I found some real gems and I'm working on the seed of a plot. This is a Sade/Sinjen/Nikos book. I'm normally not a fan of love triangles but this one is such a natural. Anyway...that all came about due to a thought I had about coffee...and magic. So, it looks like Penumbra will be my next project, at least as long as the creative juices flow.

    Currently listening to the first several books in The Executioner series by Don Pendleton. The originals. Not all of them have been recorded yet so I'll probably stop when I hit the last of them. The later books, and those written by "ghostwriters" in Pendleton's name never really did it for me. That said, I'm finding the books have held up well--to my mind--in this "woke world" and I'm finding Bolan's philosophy and reaction to things highly satisfying. Not sure what that says about me and don't really care.

    I got my bread like over New Year's. It just popped up. Considering the hoops I had to leap through to get that first loaf, I was surprised to be on the leading edge.

    Gotta hit Wallyworld today or tomorrow. Stormy is comning for the weekend. His mom and dad are celebrating their 10th with a two-night getaway. Don't blame them. I get him from school tomorrow and they pick him up Sunday. Fun times. Thank goodness for pancake breakfast at the Post on Saturday! LOLOL

    And that's all my this, or this is all my that, however you want to parse it. Keep your head down and your powder dry. That's what we're doing.

    Later, tater.

  2. Hugs on the sleeping problem. I swear morning comes earlier every day.

    Yesterday was embarrassing.

    It's Thursday, but I don't need to go anywhere. I might go to Mom's to watch cartoons for old times sake. Hmm, maybe not. Maybe I'll try to get some work done.

    How cool the fawn got so close! You may want to get out the camera when it's feeding time. :-)