Saturday, January 9, 2021

Saturday Reading Wrap-up - 1/9/21

Good morning and welcome to another episode of Saturday Reading Wrap-up, with your host, B.E. Sanderson.  

Heh, feeling a little like John Houseman there for a moment...  Anyway, let's get started.  

I didn't pick up any new books this week,  I still have two unread ebooks left from last year - a paranormal something and a suspense.

Books Read:

2) Peonies and Peril by Sue Hollowell (1/5/21) - Cozy Mystery*#. 3 stars.  New to me and few reviews. Free off the Book Doggy newsletter.
No Review.  In case you're new here, I don't review books unless I can give them at least 4 stars.

1) Wholesale Slaughter by Rick Partlow (1/4/21) - SF*# - 5 stars.  New to me and while it has loads of ratings, it has less than 50 reviews, so it counts.  Picked this up for free on Christmas Eve from ENT.
Review: "This is a fun book. People who like the technical side of SF will love this one. I really enjoyed the characters and the interactions between them, the interesting premise, the awesome plot, and the way the story moved along, sucking me in and keeping me reading. (Although it did make me stay up late to finish it and I was dragging the next day. Darn it.) Plus, good guys win and bad guys lose - an important point for any book I read."
Note: This one is on Audible.


1/5/21  - free. Cozy mystery.  I read to 13% and it was all chick lit with no mystery, and it felt way too close to a chick lit movie I'd seen.  Meh.

Currently reading... a compilation of Miss Marple complete novels.  I skipped the first one because I read it not too long ago, but I think that's the only one in there I've read.  

What's was on your reading list last week?

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  1. Last week was a dip into nostalgia for me. I'm six books in for this year, 3 ahead of my 200-book schedule. After finishing Emerald Blaze last Friday, the iirst book of this year, I was at a loss of what to listen to. Then I discovered that I could get some of the original The Executioner/Mack Bolan series books by Don Pendleton on audio. From my library's Hoopla connection. Hell yeah, baby! I vividly remember first discovered the Bolan books back in 1973, on vacation in Colorado with my parents. I was in college so you can imagine ::eyeroll:: Anyway, I discovered a Bolan book in the drugstore, back with there used to be a whole wall of books and magazines in such places. I eventually owned all of them up through like #50 or something but donated them to my hometown library when I moved. Anyway, these pulp "men's" adventure books were written in the late 60s/early 70s. Bolan was a Viet Nam vet/hero. And he took on the Mafia in a bloody and continuous battle. Since my first book boyfriend was James Bond, a la THE SPY WHO LOVED ME, is there any doubt why I glommed onto Bolan? Anyway, I unapologetically love the gritty, hard-nosed, alpha male goodness and the perfect way Pendleton wrote them. And I wish there were more available. I have hopes for eventually. Anyway, 5 books this week, all by Don Pendleton, all 5 stars. Not new to men and not in need of reviews but totally worth the trip back in time!

    6 - Continental Contract #5 - 5 stars
    5 - Miami Massacre #4 - 5 stars
    4 - Battle Mask #3 - 5 stars
    3 - Death Squad #2 - 5 stars
    2 - War Against the Mafia #1 - 5 stars

    Currently listening: MURDER OF CROWS (The Others #2), Anne Bishop. Relisten of a favorite series because nothing new arriving for a bit and I'm in need of comfort reads. Happy Weekend and Happy Reading!