Tuesday, January 5, 2021

2020 Reading Wrap-up

Time to wrap-up the reading I did in 2020.  

I read 88 books last year.  My original goal was 70, but I upped that three times, ended up with a goal of 90 and missed it by two books.  

Of those 88 books, 27 were new to me and underappreciated.  30 were hardcopies.  

The genres shook out like this:

Mystery - 27
Romance - 15
Suspense - 13
UF - 7
Hard-boiled Crime - 6
Paranormal - 6
SF - 5
Thriller - 3
Lit - 3
Mg/YA - 2
Western - 1

I tried to pick the genre that suited the book best, even when it was something like Paranormal Cozy Mystery or Paranormal Romantic Suspense.  If I added all the subgenres, we'd be here all day.  If you want a better break down, go browse through my 2020 Books Read post.

I totally forgot to note when I read subsequent books in a series.  Oops.  I know there had to be a couple of those in there.  

I'm surprised I didn't read a single non-fiction book last year.  I tried to read one but didn't finish it.  Not a year for NF, I guess.  More like me trying to escape into unreality on a daily basis.  ;o)

This year, I set my goal at 75.  I'm also going to try to get some more NF in there, and some more Westerns.  Maybe hit a couple more literature, too.  We'll see.  As always, I'll gravitate toward the mystery and the suspense and the paranormal.   I finished reading the first book of the new year last night, so I'll get the new Books Read post up sometime this morning.

How about you?  Did you meet your reading goals for the year?  Do you have new goals for this year?


  1. Yup, and upped it from 200 to 205 and hit that on the nose on New Year's Eve. As noted earlier, set this year's goal at 200 again. You keep far more detailed records than me. I depend on GR to keep track by the shelves I tag, dates, books, etc. I've got a decent start on this year. LOL