Thursday, January 14, 2021

Thursday This n That

Since they don't make the bird-a-day calendars I love anymore, I've been re-using the two I have - 2016 & 2017 - alternating years so the pictures aren't as fresh in my mind.  I'm using the 2016 one this year and guess what?  The days of the week are correct for this year.  Yay!

Little things can still amuse me.

If you've never tried them, Marie Callendar's pot pies are da bomb.  We had beef ones for dinner last night.  Yummers.

Kira seems like she's most of the way back to normal now.  She's still not interested in standing up to eat, though.  I suspect that since she's learned she can lay down while she eats, she's going with it.  It's probably not good for her, but she's 86, so she gets to do whatever the hell she wants to do.

I spent some time yesterday learning about composting.  Yes, I lead an interesting life.  

I want a chainsaw.  You'd think we already had one, but no.  Everything I do in the woods right now is by sheer muscle and hand tools.  I love my bow saw.  Unfortunately, I'm getting to the point in my life where using a bow saw makes me pay for it the next day.  Plus we have some thick trees that need whacking up and the bow saw just ain't cuttin' it.  Gonna have to go with power saws soon.  Look out world.  Heh.

Yes, I am on the fringe of becoming a prepper.  I mean, we were already pretty prepared for emergencies, but last year upped the game.  And this year is already looking worse.  I'm still on the fence about getting chickens and/or rabbits.  They are so much work. So's a garden, but I'm leaning toward plants rather than animals.  If I get lazy and neglect a garden, the plants might die, but it won't be cruel.  We'll see if any of this comes to fruition.

I also spent some time yesterday learning about terraced gardens.  We live on a hill.  Terracing seems like the logical choice unless I want to take over the one kinda flat spot in the yard.  Right in the middle of the yard, by the way.  If I terrace, I can put gardens on either side of the yard.  Again, it's a lot of work.  I'm not allergic to the work if I'm doing a project, but long-term maintenance makes me lazy.  Which is why I haven't dusted in a month.

And that's it for me.  It's more than enough, I think.  Got anything to add?  Any this n thats in your world?


  1. Heh. It is Thursday, isn't it. How'd that happen?

    I'm not having much luck making friends with the crows. Did a little research so now I'm waiting until I hear or see them outside before putting out the dog food. I've also scattered some shinies around for them. If I put the food out first thing, the starlings find it. Stupid starlings. Whoever imported them should be shot retroactively. Anyway, the experiment continues.

    I let the news get to me so I'm a little stalled on the WIP--not due to it, but to my headspace.

    Found a "daylight" LED tube to replace the "soft" florescent tube in the light above my kitchen sink. OMG! The difference!! So bright! I can seeeeee!!!!! The older one gets, the more important the quality and color of light becomes. As you say, it's the little things.

    Doing a relisten to Anne Bishop's The Others series. I have deep thoughts about these books DEEP thoughts and the other half who really glom onto them would be shocked at my interpretation. Sorta wish I was sitting on your deck talking books. Ah well.

    Got the Christmas lights down outside. Left them up for the neighbors across the street because they had family come in late for Christmas. They're even older'n me so I left them up when the lady commented she loved seeing our lights. Daughter came and is gone. Lights came down yesterday. Had to wait until it was warm and until I remembered to ask LG where he'd stuck the big bin the swags goes in.

    That's about it for me. OH! Speaking of catitude, Loki came in and snuggled between my legs after I was in bed last night. He let me stroke his tail and his back and rear hip. This is a rare and fragile occurrence. There's hope he'll eventually become a snuggle cat.

    And now that's all. I really gotta focus on words today. One more cup of coffee...

  2. I just spent half an hour on the phone talking Mom and Brother through copying files onto the thumbdrive. Again. We just went through it a couple of days ago, and they both said they got it. Today they act like they'd never seen such a thing. They're off to bowling, so I'll go over tomorrow for another lesson. The same one. Over and over.

    I'm soooooo frustrated!

  3. It takes two years to get good compost, though if you're diligent about balancing your browns and greens you can do it in a year.

    It took me 3 years to make enough for my gardens. Now I have too much. LOL!

    If you want an animal that doesn't take a lot of space or work, I suggest coturnix quail. They are delicious. Easy to dispatch and don't require a lot of space. I harvest them at 10 weeks old.

    They don't make big meals, but if you can incubate your own eggs, 8 hens can supply enough eggs to make a lot of chicks.

    Your biggest expense will be an incubator. They are bad mothers so there's no point in letting them sit on eggs.

    I generally raise about 100 a year. That gives me 20 meals (for 2 people) to put up during the winter. I hatch them 20-25 at a time so I'm never overwelmed at harvest time.