Friday, January 22, 2021


I read something about a new place (new to me anyway) to find audio books - Chirp.  I don't do audio books, but I know some of you do, so there ya are.

Using Brave as a browser instead of Firefox is going okay.  For some reason, it won't let me comment on Blogger blogs - including my own - so I still have FF on my computer for that.

Using DuckDuckGo as a search engine instead of Google is going okay, too.  I learned this morning that if you don't like the search results, you can riff off of the Big G by type !G (that's exclamation point and the letter G) then your search terms.  Haven't tried it yet because like I said, DDG is doing fine.  

As more people switch to MeWe, it's becoming better.  I'm splitting my time about 75/25 between FB and MW now.  I heard about another alternative to FB called Minds.  I haven't looked at that at all yet.  We'll see.

Whether any of this makes any difference remains to be seen.  I did hear that Twitter usage dropped.  (I haven't actually logged into Twitter in a couple years.)  And FB is taking a hit in the bank account, which is where it counts.  Vote with your dollars and if it's free, vote with your patronage because that means money to them in advertising revenue and stocks.  I know I'll never pay for another ad on FB.  Not a big hit for me since I never actually tied any sales to any money I paid FB for ads.

There are no viable alternatives to Amazon.  Not for me, anyway.  Not for shopping and definitely not for selling.  

Also, no viable alternative for me with regard to Gmail and Blogger.  I have Yahoo Mail for work and it blows.  And I have heard horror stories about switching blogs from one place to another.  

Little things are all I'm able to do.  I joked with a friend that perhaps we should jump in a car and roadtrip to DC - old lady rebels, I guess.  It'll never happen.  I have no interest in traveling anywhere.  Soon, if they push through the virus passport thing, I may not be allowed to travel anywhere anyway.  

Hang in there, folks.  Maybe this will all pass.  Maybe it's a tempest in a teapot.  No, I don't actually believe that, but I'm hoping.  Prepare for the worst and hope for the best, that's my motto.

If you're anywhere alternative, leave your info in the comments so we can hook up - if we haven't already.

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  1. I don't check MeWe as much as I should. Twitter is a necessary evil but I'm only there to post. I never really look at my feed. I have my blog set up as part of my Wordpress site. It's pretty easy to use and set up pages and there's a free version. Not sure what all is involved in transferring but I'm sure they have a help section that I know that I managed to archive my previous blog from Wordpress when I had to migrate to a new site, also on Wordpress. I'm not aware of other "just blog" platforms.

    Yeah, we let our passports expire. Didn't have the $$ to renew them at the time. I don't plan on going out of the country any time soon or traveling anywhere but close to home.

    I find it ironic that Parler(sp?), which was billed as an "open" alternative to Twitter was "banned" by Big Tech and now they are being hosted by Russian servers. What's that say about our 1st Amendment?

    I have "Yahell" because I have AT&T. I also have G-mail. It is what is.

    I use a combination of Bing (search and browser) and Google for searching, though I've stuck with Chrome for my main browser. I'm too lazy to set up all my tabs somewhere new. There's also Safari (search and browser) but it's owned by Apple so PBTHHH.

    I don't click on FB ads and I've never paid for an ad or to boost a post. Pah on that BS!

    But hey, it's Friday. The sun is shining. I figured out a plot bunny. Stormy is here and I've got one ear cocked to his conversation with "Big Daddy" in the other room. I also discovered a new book in a world I used to love. More on it in tomorrow's reading wrap up. 😉

    Hang in there!