Thursday, December 31, 2020

Thursday This n That

Last night while I was making dinner, I went to shift the Foreman Grill and grabbed it in the wrong place.  Yep, burned my fingers.  Derp.  I won't be leaving accurate fingerprints with those for a while.  

On a happier note, look who I found in the Christmas clearance area of the DG:

They're Ralph the Elf and Kris Moose.  (Kris got two pics, so you can see his little sign and his face.)  They gave me a happy, so they came home with me.  And they were 50% off, so I got them both for $7.50.  Cha Ching.  They've already more than paid for themselves in the joy they've brought me.

You were looking at the titles on my books, weren't you?  Heh, caught ya.  I do it, too.  If I see books in the backgrounds of pics, I always read the titles.  (To help out, Ralph is sitting next to Henry V in its box and original oil skin, Don Quixote also in its box, and a volume of Jack London stories.)  That bookcase is for my collectibles and special stuffs.  Here's how it looked before I rearranged it:

Sorry you can't read the titles.  I'll help you out there, but we'd be here all day. 

Tonight is New Year's Eve.  I'm holding out hope next year will be a better year.  For us all.

I spent a large part of yesterday working on spreadsheets.  The morning was for my own stuff.  In the afternoon, I got stuffs from the payjob and spent the rest of the day working on that.  By the time I was done, I was too pooped to write.  I'll rectify that today.

Hubs always warns me before he turns on the overhead light in here.  And I invariably look at him, which means I get a blast of light in the face when he hits the switch.  Derp.  I really need to stop doing that.  :blink blink:

Tomorrow, I should be taking down the Christmas decor.  We'll see if I have the gumption and whether I want the house to go back to being non-cheery.  I might leave Ralph and Kris out year 'round.  I definitely need to take down the tree and get my dining room table back. 

Here's wishing you the happiest New Year possible.  Hang in there.  :hugs:


  1. I love Ralph and Kris! They're adorable! I have a pair of penguins in Christmasy outfits I leave out all year. And a million nutcrackers, of course!

    Oops, I forgot about my spreadsheets again -- must get that done today. Or tomorrow. My excuse is I have a pattern order to finish folding. Paying work, ya know. :-)

    Happy New Year! I'm wishing for a happier 2021 for everyone!

  2. Awwwww! Christmas buddies! I love them, too! I'm all for what makes a body happy so do what you want.

    It's cold and gonna get colder. We might get ice or snow or just cold rain. Depends on where the freeze line stops when the cold front comes through tonight.

    I had to hit Wallyworld today. Left Jake at home because I hoped to find a new pair of jeans and would need to try them on. No jeans but I snagged plates, dessert plates, napkins and cards for next year, all for under $10. FTW!

    I have to iron and fry bacon today. Yippee.

    I'm trying to make friends with the local crows. Not sure why, but I am. I put out leftover dog food in the mornings and caw for them to come. Sometimes they do. Maybe I should put something shiny out too... Weird. I know.

    We're in the same boat on 2021. We'll see...

    Not much else going on in my world. Staying low key for now. Pancake breakfast and maybe siren test on Saturday. Mexican food. Yay! (With or without siren test!). I'll start the new writing year Sunday or Monday.

    Happy New Year!