Tuesday, December 8, 2020

My Yesterday

Okay, so yesterday didn't go anywhere near to what I had loosely planned.  And it didn't do a damn thing to help increase my Christmas cheeriness.  

'Round about last Friday, Kira started sneezing her fool head off again.  So I cleaned the house like a maniac and Hubs washed all her bedding, in hopes we could stave off the impending respiratory infection.  Umm, nope.  By yesterday morning it was clear we were going to have to get some meds for her.  

Considering that she just had the exact same maladies last May, I had great hopes I could just call the vet and then run down to pick up the meds.  Umm, nope.  Since the last time had been longer than 6 months ago, they had to see her before they could prescribe anything.  I harangued the poor office manager to no avail.  I explained once again, as if they'd forgotten, that Kira is agoraphobic, that she gets motion sick, that she's like 86 years old in kitty age and doesn't need the stress of riding and barfing in a car all the way there and all the way back.  Still, nope.  We set the appointment for 2:30pm.  I mean, what choice did I have?  Cat antibiotics (and cat laxatives, which she also needs again) are by prescription only.

Long about 1:45, I load the cat up and drive her down.  She meowed and barfed the whole thirty minute trip.  Which is why I left plenty of time to clean her up when we got there.  We arrived, I cleaned her up, and then I called them from the parking lot to let them know they could come out and get her.  Because, like, their lobby is still closed and no humans are allowed in.  Umm, yeah.  

I told the vet tech what was up - Kira has a URI again and she needs more laxative.  Last time, the vet also gave me some stuff to help with kidney function, but I researched it and it's iffy as to whether it even does anything, and it's hella expensive, so I told the gal I didn't want that.  

Then I went to run a quick errand*.  Something I had planned to do in the morning, but since I was going down there in the afternoon, I left it until then.  

I was back in about ten minutes and as soon as I got back, the vet was out to talk to me.  She was really pushing the need for blood tests to check Kira's kidney function, which she was certain would be bad, and pushing the supplement thing, using loads of BIG WORDS to convince me I was remiss and the research I had done was wrong.  Umm, okee doke and whatever, but I'm not having the blood tests and supplements done at this time, thank you.  Antibiotics and laxatives, thank you very much, and what's the charge so I can write a check and have it ready when you bring my cat back to me?

Within minutes, my cell phone buzzes.  It's the office manager to give me my amount.  (Oddly, she called the house first, even though I was parked right in front of the doors and the vet knew I was out there.)  Minutes later, I had my cat and her meds.  Zip zap, I was home by 3:15. Which, of course, included a quick stop at the convenience store for ice cream. 

Of course, I was a total spazz for the rest of the day and I didn't get any sleep because my brain wouldn't quit replaying all of the social interactions.  Today is all about coffee, let me tell ya.  And maybe I'll go throw some logs in the woods.  Rebuild the last nerve everyone was bouncing on yesterday.  

Oh, and thank goodness that while I was waiting to take Kira to the vet, I made a chocolate oil cake.  Frosted it after I got home with a super yummy peanut butter frosting.  Lord, I needed that.  (Well, that and the ice cream.)

Needless to say, my early plans of throwing on some Christmas music and doing Christmas cards and decorations flew right the hell out the window.  Holly Jolly I wasn't.  Maybe today will be better.

Oh, and yeah, the reason I had to take Kira in rather than just pick up the damn meds without her?  They changed some stupid law governing pet prescriptions.  If they haven't seen the pet within 6 months, they can't write a prescription - even if it's a chronic condition.  As I told the gal**, that's asinine.  But then again, that's government.  Thank goodness Max isn't around for this.

* my toilet went squonky over the weekend and I needed to stop at the plumbing supply place for replacement parts.  woohoo.  Thank goodness this house has more than one bathroom.

** lest you think I am a total bitch, I did apologize to the office manager for giving her shit on the phone.  I know it's not their fault, but it really is asinine.  And I am on my last nerve.


  1. I'm sorry to hear about Kira. (Love her name!)

    I know all about special needs kitties. Fortunately, I have an awesome vet who will see or call about him even on her days off.

    Maybe you should try getting vet recommendations from neighbors or friends. I don't like the sound of this one.

    Hope Kira is feeling better soon. Poor little thing.

    1. Believe it or not, this is the best vet practice we found in the area. (Well, actually, the best one retired right after we found her.) They're usually awesome - they were great with Max - but I think this year is taking its toll. And this particular vet is new as of this year, I think. Changing vets now would be a huger pain in the buns than any issues I have with these people.

  2. Poor Kira. Poor you! I know all about those last nerves. Cake and ice cream helped, hopefully. And hopefully, Kira is resting comfortably and recovering.

    Supposed to be nice today. Go toss some logs, break often for coffee, and don't overdo!

    Hang in there.

  3. Many hugs to you and Kira! I hope she's feeling better by morning.

    It occurs to me you'll be reading this in the morning, so I'm prescribing coffee and chocolate cake for breakfast. :-)