Tuesday, December 1, 2020

Apropos of Nothing

As you all might know, I am a slave to a geriatric cat.  She's 17, which is like 86 for her.  We have to take her to the litterbox on a regular basis so we don't have accidents outside the litterbox.  As you also might know, I like to make up songs.  We have one for calling her to dinner (she doesn't actually come to it anymore, but we still sing it).  And now I made up one for when we want her to go poop.  It's sung to the tune of 'If You Want to Sing Out' by Cat Stevens.  "If you want to go poop, go poop.  If you don't wanna poop, jump out."  It amuses me and she seems to respond to it, so yay.  

My dad used to make up the words to songs, too.  With Christmas approaching, I'm reminded of his famous "Deck the Halls" wording.  'Deck the halls with Boston Charlie, fa la rah la rah de sis boom bah.'  So apparently, it's in the blood.  We won't talk about how my brother ruined the song Yesterday for me.  Suffice it to say, I can never listen to that song without hearing his words instead of Lennon's.  (Yes, I did pass on that to my daughter, but only the non-R rated verse.)  

The sky is just beginning to get light in the East and it's like 20-something degrees out.  Hubs braved the cold to feed the critters.  The birds will have to eat off the ground today because the feeder lid is frozen in place.  Blerg.

I still hate the new Blogger format.  And I'm still forcing Facebook to show me the original format.  Every 48 hours, which is a pain but less of one than trying to force myself to accept the new format.  Which, by the way, looks a lot like MeWe's format, so I should be able to learn the new FB.  I'm just being mulish.  

It's baking day.  I have enough ingredients to make another pumpkin cheesecake.  And we're out of both cookies and quick bread, so I need to make those.  Not sure how much will get done today, but something.

And I'm spent.  Got anything random to talk about today?


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  1. Something is better than nothing, though there are days when nothing is a good thing.

    Chilly here too. Had to wear my fuzzy slippers and hoodie to feed the ferals.

    I think I would have liked your dad and his silly songs. And yours! I'm not clever in that way and no one--especially the critters!--want to hear me sing. 🤣

    Big brothers are like that, yeah they are and now I want the R-rated version.

    Enjoy your baking and stay warm. I need to go to Wallyworld but I'm thinking I might just stretch it one more day because...it's the first day of the month. Totally didn't plan that out well. 🤦🏼‍♀️

    I'm still in edits because...reasons. All it takes is one vengeful apple and an enabler to upset the apple cart. That said, it's a stupid move because authors can get very creative when it comes to revenge. 😈

    Have an awesome day! 🥰