Thursday, December 17, 2020

Thursday This n That

Yesterday, I stopped by the store and all I bought was chocolate.  The new Ferrar 'signature' box of chocolates?  Disappointing.  For that kind of money, I want either quantity or quality.  There were 8 pieces of chocolate and the ones I've tried so far were just meh.  Live and learn.  I also got a box of chocolate covered cherries because reasons.  Those never disappoint.  And I picked up some turtles for Hubs because Hubs loves turtles.

What I really need are these.  Guylian Belgian seashell chocolates with their hazelnut filling.  OMG, so good and so worth the price.  You know, if I wasn't such a tightwad.

I sent out Christmas cards last week.  At the same time, I sent out my middle sister's b-day card.  She got the b-day card but not the x-mas card and Mom hasn't gotten her card either.  WTF?  They were in the same batch going to the same place.  

Speaking of the mail, Mom was telling me they're having problems with mail just disappearing.  For instance, a company they do business with sent them a check on 11/1 and it never arrived.  Of course, they're in Michigan and that was right around the election.  I suspect the check went into someone's garage with a boatload of other mail :cough:ballots:cough:

And that's all I have to say about that.

Yesterday morning, Hubs went out and fed the deer like he always does.  Usually, 3-6 deer arrive shortly thereafter.  Yesterday?  Thirty-three deer showed up.  33.  And that was without any of the bucks.  They went through the corn like damn and whoa, and then milled around looking for more.  Hubs took another bucket out and while some of the deer scattered, the ones that stayed went through that corn lickety-split.  Sheesh.  Sorry, deers, I know the unexpected snow makes it hard for you to forage, but we can't afford to feed you like you're cattle.  Umm, and if you stop letting the crows chase you away, you'll get more corn in your bellies.  Just sayin'.

In poker, I moved up from the 10K room to the 100K room, and now I have almost 8mil in chips.  It wasn't hard once I got used to the larger amounts, or more specifically, the potential to lose larger amounts.  I used to cringe when I dropped 20K.  Now I can drop 200K before I cringe.  It's all play money, so no big deal.

And I think that's about enough out of me this morning.  What's up with you?


  1. Chocolate is so subjective. Only loves the Ferrero Rocher Chocolate Hazelnut balls. Me? Just plain ol' peanut clusters. Go figure. Not sure how much hay costs but you might pick up a bale and toss it when there's snow. Mail is crazy. I got your card. I guess I really need to sit down and address mine, huh? I mean, it's only the 17th... *eyeroll*

    In my world, there's snow. It should all melt today. I need a Wallyworld run but I figure everyone will be out. I'll figure something for dinner and hit the big W early tomorrow.

    My Christmas heroine in talking to me. The hero? Not so much. It's an interesting dynamic, considering the way the story is headed.

    I really haven't done much of anything but watch the snow and drink coffee and try to coax a "shy" Wolf to talk.

    Haven't cooked anything interesting, baking either. Man, but my life is like...well, I get tired of the word boring. Anyway, the ferals are happy. Loki occasionally watches the birds at the feeder right outside the window. Jake likes the snow, Boone doesn't.

    Life is... *shrug* S'all good. 😊

  2. I've noticed mail is REALLY slow lately. I was watching for a small package from USPS, and it took three weeks after it was shipped to get here!

    Poor deer. I like the hay idea; hay must be cheaper than corn, and it'll go farther.

    My dad is now in at-home hospice care. They're giving him great meds, though, and he's comfortable.

    Give me dark-chocolate-covered almonds! I haven't had the fancy stuff in years, not since my taste buds got cranky and I mostly taste bitter and sweet. The last time I tried a chocolate-covered cherry, it was toooo sweet, and I used to love them. I guess I'm not a kid any more. LOL!